Best Places to Work - The Journal Record 2018 - Page 22

#11 Large Employer Website: Twitter Handle: @FirstUnitedBank U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Durant Industry: Banking Status: Private U.S. Employees: approximately 1,475 throughout Oklahoma and Texas Year Founded: 1900, chartered as Durant National Bank Company Leader: Greg Massey, Chief Executive Officer F irst United Bank is committed to helping its stakeholders “spend life wisely” in the areas of financial well-being, health and wellness, faith and personal growth, and has created programs, a website, and rolled out a new in-person experience to support this passion. A wellness director, financial well-being director, and personal growth director develop resources and challenges to inspire and sup- port not only employees companywide, but also First United customers and communities. Employees earn “Spend Life Wisely Days” by partic- ipating in activities related to the program’s four pillars. The website,, offers tools, resources and other information for both customers and employees in these areas. “We work together as a family to make an impact in each other’s lives and the lives of our customers and our communities,” said Melissa Perrin, First United’s chief cultural officer. “We are a group of people dedicated to our purpose to inspire and empower others to spend life wisely.” First United Bank is a full-service financial institution that offers traditional banking services as well as mortgage and insurance. It has 87 locations in 45 markets throughout Oklahoma and Texas, with head- quarters in Durant. The core focus of First United’s business practices is the Stakeholder Model; stakeholders are customers, employees, partners, communities 22 2018 Best Places to Work and shareholders, and each decision made considers all five. First United provides an option that covers 100 percent of medical and dental insurance premiums for employees. Employees also love the family-friendly atmosphere and flexibility in work schedules, and they get time off to volunteer at community events. First United offers a companywide wellness program, as well as annual wellness screen- ings and various challenges throughout the year that focus on overall health, financial well-being, stress management and work-life balance. The corporate headquarters offers an on-site fitness center, and the company offers fitness membership reimbursements. The financial institution offers programs that support the growth of employees inside and outside of First United. Employees receive on- site financial counseling and are eligible for tuition reimbursement for college courses. Employee-led Bible studies and webinars are offered in addition to a daily focus on faith and loving others. First United recognizes employees at the bank’s annual meeting for milestone years of service and outstanding performance throughout the organization. Each community bank location also has its own form of recognition. “I am very passionate about supporting employees in becoming their best version of themselves,” Perrin said, “and I believe First United does just that.” The Journal Record