Best Places to Work - The Journal Record 2018 - Page 14

#4 Large Employer Website: Twitter Handle: @HeartlandHPY U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Atlanta Industry: Technology Status: Public U.S. Employees: 5,514 Oklahoma Employees: 169 Year Founded: 1997 Company Leader: Jeff Sloan, CEO; In Oklahoma: Tony Capucille, president, U.S. Payment and Payroll A s a company, Heartland Payment Systems thinks of those who work for the company more as entrepreneurs than as employees. Part technology company, part financial services, Heartland provides payments, payroll, point-of-sale, customer engagement and lending solutions to help other entrepreneurs suc- ceed. Such work requires a culture of collaboration and respect. Heartland’s credo, “Entrepreneurs Respectfully Serving Entre- preneurs” fuels the work they do; company values are founded in service, excellence, respect and compassion. “We’re all sort of running our own business, and we’re all in charge of providing solutions in our area of the business,” said Tom- my Wilkerson, vice president of business services for Heartland. He added that he appreciates the opportunities the company offers to people who contribute, no matter what their background is. “It is always the person who was willing to work hard and bring good ideas to the table that is rewarded for that,” Wilkerson said. As part of the company culture, executives are accessible, and the company’s leadership encourages new ideas from all levels. New employees attend monthly “coffee and conversations” with the president and chief sales officer. Heartland lists work-life balance as one of its priorities, offering flexibility in work schedules and inviting family members to compa- 14 2018 Best Places to Work ny events. “Heartland’s business is relationships, not transactions,” accord- ing to Heartland’s nomination application. “More than swiping cards or paying employees, we connect people by helping local commu- nities thrive through commerce. This makes Heartland stand apart, not only as a leader in the financial technology industry, but also as one of the best companies to work for.” Some employee perks including drawings for tickets to Oklahoma City Thunder games in Heartland’s box suite, food trucks and donuts each Friday in Edmond, preloaded cards for vending machines and a Diamond Conference in different locations each year. Heartland recognizes Circle of Excellence honorees each year for outstanding achievements, innovation, team work and leadership. The company also recognizes teammates for outstanding perfor- mance with membership into the President’s Circle, which includes a trip. In addition, the company selects eight teammates (one per- son for each corporate team) as the Entrepreneur of the Year. Each spring, Heartland hosts a day of fun activities for employees and families in Edmond. Also, each team regularly takes part in spe- cial group outings. On-site, Heartland has a basketball goal outside, a game room that includes video games, simulated golfing and a ping pong table. The Journal Record