Best Places to Work - The Journal Record 2018 - Page 11

#2 Large Employer Website: Twitter Handle: @EideBaillyLLP U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Fargo, North Dakota Industry: Accounting Status: Private U.S. Employees: 1,950 Oklahoma Employees: 72 Year Founded: 1917 Company Leader: Gregory Jones, partner in charge E ide Bailly’s strong, steady growth throughout the past century is a testament to how the firm’s culture embraces progress by trusting in its professionals. The firm’s employees are promised a different experience, work that is meaningful, opportunities for leadership and the ability to live with purpose instead of simply working for a pay- check. Eide Bailly recognizes its place within the community and encourages staff members to seek out opportunities to give back and express their non-accounting passions. The firm gives back to its local communities by supporting existing programs, devel- oping new initiatives, providing direction for youth and offering support in times of need. As a result, Eide Bailly professionals across the country can be found turning their passions into great achievements for the betterment of their surrounding communi- ties. In addition, Eide Bailly provides matching donations up to $200 per staff member per fiscal year to U.S.-based agencies and schools that have a 501(c)(3) status as recognized by the IRS. “Eide Bailly has succeeded in establishing a culture that at- tracts skilled professionals of all ages, as well as affirms current leadership for their role in the company’s ongoing success,” said The Journal Record Gregory P. Jones, Oklahoma City partner in charge. “Without culture, Eide Bailly would not be a top 25 CPA firm in the nation,” Jones said. “Without culture, the firm’s nearly 60,000 clients would look elsewhere for their accounting and business consulting needs. Culture has been the unshakable foundation underpinning 100 years of growth and innovation and without it, Eide Bailly would be just a name, instead of the symbol for ‘business done right’ that it is today.” Career growth opportunities and development are available, and staff members have flexible work schedules that give them the ability to work from home, work a compressed schedule or choose reduced hours to maintain the work-life balance. Ensuring the health and success of employees is paramount to Eide Bailly culture as well. The First Focus Initiative was designed to nurture a firmwide culture where women are as likely to succeed as men. The Corporate Responsibility program sets firm standards on recycling programs, using Energy Star appliances, motion-detecting light fixtures and other Green Initiatives. In addition, Eide Bailly’s wellness program offers $300 to all staff members to be reimbursed for gym memberships, diet and exercise programs, home exercise equipment and much more. 2018 Best Places to Work 11