Best Luggage Sets 1

Everything to Need to Pack for a Long Vacation Overseas Before purchasing a carry on suitcase or a travel backpack, write down everything you’ll need to take to make sure there’s enough room to accommodate all of that stuff. If you need a place to help put that list together, take a look at WhatToPack. When looking at various bags to purchase, I look at for reviews, search for bag guides through Google, and read some travel blogs to find out what other travelers recommend. It’s worth paying a little extra for a durable and lightweight bag so you’ll have it for a long time and it will make your life easier while on the road. It’s not easy lugging around snowboarding gear in Europe after the strap and zipper on your bag break the first time you use me, I know. After you purchase the bag, do a test run to make sure everything you need will fit. If it doesn’t, eliminate some unnecessary items or return the bag for a larger one. Here is my list of things I take with me when I travel:                                Underwear Long sleeve shirts T-shirts Shorts Socks Pants Sweater Hat Walking shoes Sandals Belt Swimming suit Pajamas Jacket Passport Visas Vaccination certificate Health insurance card Cash Credit/ATM cards Discount Cards (Student, Military, etc.) Driver's license Photocopies of passport and other important documents Wallet Paper folder Airline, train, and bus tickets Maps Novels Guidebook Backpack Small extra backpack                                 Ziploc Bags Best Luggage Sets Pens Earplugs Sunglasses Keys Toiletry bag Razor with extra blades Shaving gel (travel sized) Electric shaver Toothbrush Toothpaste (travel sized) Body Wash/Soap (travel sized) Shampoo (travel sized) Toilet paper Deodorant (travel sized) Sunblock lotion (travel sized) Comb Hair Gel (travel sized) Fingernail clippers Moisturizer Tweezers Prescription medicine Insect repellent Band-Aids Chewing gum Water purifying tablets Motion sickness pills Flu pills Pain killers Anti-diarrheal pills Allergy pill