Bergen International Festival 2019 English catalogue FiB Katalog EN 2019 lowres single pages - Page 98

BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2019 098 The talks listed below will be conducted in Norwegian. See for full descriptions and list of all contributors. Taste and Capital BERGEN OFF. BIBLIOTEK ( BERGEN PU B LI C L I B R A RY ) AMALIES HAGE You Just Don’t Say That – On Literature and Reality BERGEN OFF. BIBLIOTEK (BE RGE N PUBLIC LIBRARY) MUSIKKAVDELINGEN DATE / TIME Monday 27 May at 18:00 Where should the ethical limits for what to write about be drawn? DAT E/ T I M E Thursday 23 May at 16:00 Does your financial situation influ- ence your preferences in art? Or is Norway a classless society like some say? Thomas Seltzer’s Popular Meeting THE FESTIVAL SQUARE, TE NT DATE / TIME Wednesday 29 May at 21:00 TICKE T Knausgård in a Feminist Perspective BERGEN OFF. BIBLIOTEK ( BERGEN PU B LI C L I B R A RY ) AMALIES HAGE DAT E/ T I M E Standard: 150 BT Fordel: 112 What do we really need all this elite culture for? Seltzer asks ‘for a friend’, and lets his highly qualified panel answer. Friday 24 May at 18:00 The panel discusses Waiting (p. 34) and Karl Ove Knausgård as a possible feminist writer. Is your Thought Free? – On Freedom of Speech and Art ​ B ERGEN OFF. BIBLIOTEK The Art of Living ​ (BE RGE N PUBLIC LIBRARY) AMALIES HAGE GRIEGHALLEN THE FOYER, 2ND FLOOR DATE / TIME DAT E/ T I M E Monday 27 May at 14:00 Constant fear of offending, trigger warnings and over-sensitivity. Meet Samuel Massie and his grand- father Arne Ulvolden in this talk with researcher on elderly care, Bettina Husebø. Reality Theatre – Creating Art from Lived Life Thursday 30 May at 18:00 ​ B ERGEN OFF. BIBLIOTEK Made possible by GC Rieber Foundations. (BE RGE N PUBLIC LIBRARY) AMALIES HAGE DATE / TIME Tuesday 04 June at 16:30 In collaboration with Verdighetsenteret 098 D I ALO G U ES /FESTS P I L L KOL L EKT I VET A meeting with director and script writer Vibeke Flesland Havre and two of the actors in the Norwegian play NAV betaler. #FE STSPILLEN E19 Festspillkollektivet creates activities for people of different ages, life situations and with different needs, to make art and culture availa- ble to more people. Festspillkollektivet builds on the Festival’s mission to include, inspire and challenge. Through the project, festival artists have visited hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, schools and asylum centres with tailormade con- certs, workshops and other offers, also outside the festival period. In 2018, Festspillkollektivet arranged, among other things, Bergen Prison International Festival, a photo project for and by youth and a dialogue and musical improvisation project for minority women. All the projects are carried out in close collaboration with those involved. We are developing new ways of engaging those who have minimal access to culture, in spaces where the arts may not traditionally be encountered. Festspillkollektivet is a collaboration between the festival, artists, professional environment and other collaborators who have the expertise and contact network to engage people who otherwise have challenges with seeking out cultural events. Read more on en/articles/festspillkollektivet Supported by the Kavli Trust