Bergen International Festival 2019 English catalogue FiB Katalog EN 2019 lowres single pages - Page 97

DIALO GUE S B ER G EN I N T ER N AT I ON AL FEST I VAL 2019 097 Writing a Tragedy BERGEN OFF. BIBLIOTEK ( B ER G EN P U B L I C L I B R ARY) AMALIES HAGE DAT E/T I ME Monday 03 June at 17:30 Meet writer and journalist Fred Khumalo, the author of Dancing the Death Drill. Meet the Artist Robert Wilson Meet the Festival Composer Unsuk Chin BERGEN OFF. BIBLIOTEK ( B E R G E N PU B LI C L I BRARY) AMALIES HAGE BERGEN OFF. BIBLIOTEK (BE RGE N PUBLIC L I B R ARY) NOTEROMMET, 2ND FLOOR DATE / TI M E Saturday 01 June at 16:00 The American director Robert Wilson is a beacon in the world of theatre and presents The Sandman (p. 24) at this year's Festival. Meet him in conversation with Jan Landro. DATE / TIME Sunday 02 June at 12:00 South Korean Unsuk Chin is this year's Festival Composer and Artist in Residence. Meet one of contemporary music's most profiled composers in conversation with Annabel Guaita. J ​ anuary 1917, 823 South African men board the SS Mendi in Cape Town, volunteers for the British Army bound for the Western Front. Heavy pre-dawn fog shrouds the impending disaster in The English Channel. The collision comes with such force that the SS Mendi sinks in minutes. The colliding vessel sustains only minor damages. The captain does nothing for the men in the water. By the time rescue finally arrives, it is too late for most. Dubbed the ‘Black Titanic’, the sinking of SS Mendi was one of the worst maritime disasters in the 20th Century. 646 perished. Khumalo will meet Kari Jegerstedt in this talk. WWW.FI B.N O/EN 097