Bergen International Festival 2019 English catalogue FiB Katalog EN 2019 lowres single pages - Page 93

FE STIVITIE S B ER G EN I N T ER N AT I ON AL FEST I VAL 2019 093 Eva Vilamitjana, Albert Vilà author Albert Vilà, Eva Vilamitjana artistic direction Paula Bosch scenography La Petita Malumaluga costume design Jordi Bello musical direction Eva Vilamitjana choreography Carles Rigual lighting design Jordi Bello & Albert Vilà sound design Ivan Rubio interactiv technology Pere Seda, Maria Hernando, Guido Lucas, Raquel Gualtero dance Asier Suberbiola violin Nil Villà saxophone Nico Sánchez guitar Cristina Roca production mtdú Scandinavian premiere CORNERTEATERET My Baby Is a Queen DATE / TI M E Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 May at 11:00, 13:00 & 15:00 RECOMMENDED AG E S 0–3 years D U R ATI ON 0:35 T ICK E T Standard: 150 Children: 100 ​ eek-a-boo! A thought-provoking P performance for toddlers. What do we look like? Where do we look? What do we see? These are some of the questions La Petita Malumaluga poses in My Baby Is a Queen. The Spanish ensemble has created a performance for babies and young children that explores differences and similarities bet- ween people and how we perceive those who are different from ourselves. The audience plays an important part in this performance, where babies and toddlers might participate in the going-ons at the sta- ge. By use of dancing figures, reflections in mirrors, and invisible musicians, the ensemble invites big and small on a journey of reflection on those we see and how we see them. The imagery and movements are as ideal for chil- dren age 0-3 as for adults. The dancers and musicians in La Petita Malu- maluga have specialized in performances for young children. They last visited Bergen Inter- national Festival in 2017 with Beatles for Ba- bies, where the little ones got to move freely about on the stage to the soundtrack of clas- sic Beatles songs. Supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) WWW.FI B.N O/EN 093