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FE STIVITIE S B ER G EN I N T ER N AT I ON AL FEST I VAL 2019 Sigurd Hole Trio & Tord Gustavsen Trio m F E STI VA L S Q UA R E T E NT DATE / TI M E Sunday 02 June at 21:00 D U R ATI ON 2:00 including interval TICKET Standard: 250 Senior: 225 Under 30: 190 FiB Fordel: 200 ​ wo of Norway’s most T distinct jazz trios share the stage for the first time. The first part of the evening's perfor- mance is by Sigurd Hole Trio (Sigurd Hole, double bass; Håkon Aase, violin; Jarle Vespestad, drums). They relea- sed their debut album Encounters in 2018, to outstanding national and in- ternational reviews. Their music may be described as an open, innovative meeting between elements from Nor- wegian, Indian, Japanese, and Arabic traditional music – solidly rooted in a modern, Scandinavian jazz sound. BT Fordel: 187 Hole and Vespestad are also mem- bers of the Tord Gustavsen Trio, the evening's second act. Gustavsen, Supported by the pianist, is one of Norway's most Grieg Foundation renowned jazz musicians. The trio's musical expression is sensitive, me- lodious, and intense and their tunes influenced by traditions like Scandi- navian folk music, French impressio- nism and hymns. Sigurd Hole Trio Sigurd Hole double bass Håkon Aase violin Jarle Vespestad drums Tord Gustavsen Trio Tord Gustavsen piano Jarle Vespestad drums Sigurd Hole double bass 08 3 Celtic Roots Ensemble m FEST I VAL S QUAR E T EN T DAT E/T I ME Monday 03 June at 21:00 D U R AT I ON 1:30 T I CKET Standard: 250 Senior: 225 Under 30: 190 FiB Fordel: 200 BT Fordel: 187 ​ eltic music traditions by a C star-studded international ensemble. Celtic Roots Ensemble is a mix of broadly experienced musicians: Knut Reiersrud, Aly Bain, Ale Möller, Tuva Syvertsen, Frasier Fifjeld, and Olle Linder. These musicians from Nor- way, Sweden, Scotland, and Shet- land play various guitars, harmonica, mandola, trumpet, flutes, harmonium, bagpipe, harding fiddle, percussion, and double bass – to name but a few. The ensemble was put together to make a recording for the Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic series. The result was the live album Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic VI: Celtic Supported by Grieg Foundation Roots, that emphasized the Celtic music's imprint on European music and American folk music and blues, and was highly acclaimed within the music field. Knut Reiersrud guitars, lapsteel, harmonica Ale Möller mandola, trumpet, flutes, dulcimer, harmonium Tuva Syvertsen vocal, Hardanger fiddle, harmonium Fraser Fifield saxophone, flutes, Scottish bagpipe Alistair Bain fiddle Olle Linder percussion, double bass WWW.FI B.N O/EN 08 3