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FE STIVITIE S Harr & Hartberg m F E STI VA L SQ UA R E TENT DATE /TI M E Monday 27 May at 21:00 D U R ATI O N 1:30 TICKET Standard: 250 Senior: 225 Under 30: 190 Conversations on the edge, somewhere on the jazz-pop-folk-axis. Actor Thorbjørn Harr + Norwegian hip-hop artist Aslak Hartberg = Harr and Hartberg. In 2015 they debuted with the album Døden er dårlig gjort (Death is a mean thing to do). Since then, they have played at jazz festivals and clubs all around the country. Joining them on their new album, Samtaler på kanten (Conversations on FiB Fordel: 200 the edge), is Lars Saabye Christensen. BT Fordel: 187 Having already collaborated with the duo on their previous album, the Norwegian-Danish poet, playwright, screenwriter and novelist has written Supported by Grieg Foundation beautiful and achingly sore texts to Hartberg's melodies. Joining them in solid support, Harr and Hartberg have a stellar team of musici- ans: Trygve Seim, Per Odvar Johansen, Sjur Miljeteig and Jørn Øien. Thorbjørn Harr vocals Aslak Hartberg double bass Trygve Seim saxophone Jørn Øien piano Sjur Miljeteig trumpet Per Oddvar Johansen drums B ER G EN I N T ER N AT I ON AL FEST I VAL 2019 081 FiB x BIFF f FEST I VAL S QUAR E T EN T DAT E/T I ME Thursday 30 May at 18:00 D U R AT I ON 4:00 including interval T I CKET 150 The ticket includes all screenings. In collaboration with Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) Movie night ​ daptations of Hoffmann’s A The Sandman and inter- pretations of the Festival theme longing. With four great movies lined up, presen- ted in a relaxed atmosphere and refres- hments being served, Festival Square is set for a small movie marathon. The Sandman, a title in this year's programme, has been subject to various film adaptations. Paul Berry's Oscar-nominated The Sandman (1991, 10 mins.) in its touched up version (2017) is a sombre stop motion movie where an evil intruder gives a little boy a horrible nightmare in his bedroom in the middle of the night. The Quay Brothers have also made a Supported by version in collaboration with dancer Grieg Foundation and choreographer William Tuckett. In The Sandman (2000, 40 mins.), music by György Kurtág and Leoš Janáček, a demonic character from one of Hoffman's own stories appears by the author's deathbed to end the story. FiB x BIFF also presents a brand- new documentary and a highly relevant feature film related to the festival theme longing. The titles are announced a month ahead at WWW.FI B.N O/EN 081