Bergen International Festival 2019 English catalogue FiB Katalog EN 2019 lowres single pages - Page 8

2 Festival Restaurants Combine cultural and culinary experiences at the Festival. Our Festival Restaurants are con- veniently situated in relation to the festival venues so that our audience might comfortably enjoy a full eve- ning of superb culinary and cultural experiences. The Festival Restaurants offer excel- lent food in a wide range of prices and cuisines for you to explore. FiB Fordel members receive a 20% discount on food – and you never know; perhaps there might just be a pop-up festival concert to complement your meal. € Main course under NOK 200, three-course menu under NOK 450 €€ Main course NOK 200–330, three-course menu NOK 450–550 €€€ Main course over NOK 330, three course menu over NOK 550 Ácido Cornelius Seafood Restaurant €€ €€€ South American flavours meet local produce. From ceviche and tacos to tasty main courses. Cornelius serves the most exotic, fresh seafood the western archipe- lago has to offer. O PE NING H O UR S OP EN I N G HOU R S Monday–Friday 11:00–22:00 Saturday 12:00–22:00 The bar is open Monday–Saturday until 24:00 Sunday closed ADDRE SS/ BO O KING Øvre Ole Bulls plass 5, tel: 55 21 58 70 www.facebook.cow/Acidobergen  3 BARE i Børsen €€–€€€ The best Western Norway and our extensive country have to offer of organic produce from small-scale producers. O PE NING H O UR S €€– €€€ 26 North Restaurant & Social Club offers a Nordic menu with ingredients from the Norwegian fjords, farms and forests. O P EN IN G HO U R S Monday–Saturday 18:00–22:30 The bar is open from 12:00 until late AD D RESS/ B O O K I N G Bryggen 47, tel: +47 47 71 04 67 Holmen, Vestrepollen/Katlavika på Bjorøy, tel: +47 56 33 48 80   5 Enhjørningen Fiskerestaurant ADDRE SS/ BO O KING Monday–Sunday at 16:00–23:00 Food orders before 22:30  Hotel Bergen Børs, Torgallmenningen 2, tel: +47 40 00 24 55 4 BARE Vestland €–€€ Restaurant focusing on local, high- quality organic produce. Small dishes are put together into a sharing menu. O PE NING H O UR S Monday–Saturday at 12:00–22:00 Sunday at 15:00–21:00  1 hr extended opening hours on request for groups of over 10 people.  Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri €€–€€€ Award-winning chefs Ørjan and Arnt Johannessen create a menu based on fresh ingredients and natural, good flavors. O PE NING H O UR S Situated in Bergen’s traditional wharf in locations that are restored and reset to Hanseatic times. OP EN I N G HOU R S AD D R ES S/B O OKI N G Bryggen 29, tel: +47 55 30 69 50    6 Escalón Fløien €€ Bergen’s first tapas restaurant, located next to Fløibanen funicular’s lower station. An institution for gour- mets in Bergen since 1998. OP EN I N G HOU R S Sunday–Friday at 15:00–23:00 Saturday at 14:00–23:00  AD D R ES S/B O OKI N G Vetrlidsallmenningen 21, tel: +47 55 32 90 99  7 Escalón Veiten €€ Tapas restaurant and bar with spacious outdoor seating facing the theatre. OP EN I N G HOU R S Monday–Saturday at 12:00–22:00 Sunday at 12:00–20:00  Sunday–Tuesday at 15:00–22:00 Wednesday–Thursday at 15:00–23:00 Friday–Saturday at 13:00–23:00  ADDRE SS/ BO O KING AD D R ES S/B O OKI N G Bekkjarvik, tel: +47 55 08 42 40  008 AD D R ES S/B O OKI N G €€–€€€ Vågsallmenningen 1, tel: +47 40 00 24 55   26 North Monday–Saturday Connecting boat departures from Dreggekaien (shed no. 8), opposite Bryggen’s Museum. The boat trip takes 25 minutes. Lunch (Thursday–Saturday departure 11:30, return approx. 14:30. Dinner departure 18:00, return 22:30. Please note: Require pre-booked reservation at Monday–Saturday at 17:00–22:00 Sunday closed. Opens Mondays on request. 1 hr extended opening hours on request for groups of over 10 people.  ADDRE SS/ BO O KING 1 R ESTAU R AN TS BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2019 008 #FE STSPILLEN E19 Veiten 3, tel: +47 55 32 90 99