Bergen International Festival 2019 English catalogue FiB Katalog EN 2019 lowres single pages - Page 7

RE STAURANTS B ER G EN I N T ER N AT I ON AL FEST I VAL 2019 007 Refreshments Several of our venues serve food and drinks during intervals and before and after performances. If you pre-order, you will avoid queuing. Grieg Hall (Grieghallen) 9 Haakon's Hall (Håkonshallen) In the foyer, there is a bar serving food and drinks for everyone. Service can be pre-ordered via Grieghallen's online store before 12 noon on the day of the performance, or before 12 noon on Friday for performances at the weekend. Groups can pre-order food and drinks to separate rooms. From 1 hour before the performance PastyWorld offers food and drinks in the Captain's caretaker's residence (Kaptein-vaktmesterboligen) in the fortress area before, during intervals and after this year's festival concerts in Håkonshallen. The menu features pies of various varieties and flavours, handmade Italian gelato, coffee, tea and non-alcoholic beverages. Pre- orders can be made. P R E- O R DE R O PE N 8 OPEN Troldhaugen TO B O O K A V E NU E From 10:00 to 20 minutes after the concert ends. CO NTACT The National Stage (Den Nationale Scene) 5 In the café in the theatre basement (Teaterkjelleren) and the bar on the 1st floor (Teaterbaren), pre-orders for food and drinks during intervals may be placed 30 minutes before the performance. Tel: 467 44 993 7 The Festival Square (Festspillplassen) Good food and drinks will be sold at the Festival Square during the period 23 May–04 June. 11 From 30 minutes before the performance In addition to refreshments before and after the performance, catering for small and large parties can be pre-ordered. The bar in Studio Bergen is run by Landmark Café. (pre-orders for groups) OP EN 10:00 to 17:30. Open until 20:00 on days of festival concerts Groups may pre-order lunch and dinner from NOK 350,– per person. CON TACT Tel: 55 92 29 92 Lysøen Lysøen has a cosy café that serves freshly made waffles, ice cream, soft drinks, coffee, tea and more. The café welcomes pre-booked groups for lunch and coffee. OP EN During concerts, and during the museum's opening hours from 11:00 to 16:00. CON TACT Tel: 56 30 90 77 Studio Bergen OPEN C O NTACT In the café at Troldhaugen, you can enjoy a simple meal or a cup of coffee before and after the concert, with a view of Lake Nordås (Nordåsvannet). O PE N Before and after the performance. CO NTACT WWW.FI B.N O/EN 007