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FO UNDATIO NS B ER G EN I N T ER N AT I ON AL FEST I VAL 2019 06 3 Bergen Cathedral Choir m BE R G E N D OM K I R K E (BERGEN CATHE DR A L ) DATE / TI M E Wednesday 29 May at 19:30 D U R ATI ON 1:10 TICKET Standard: 290 Senior: 261 Under 30: 190 FiB Fordel: 232 BT Fordel: 217 ​ n a cappella evening with A two world premieres. Bergen Domkor (Bergen Cathedral Choir) celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019 and will be presenting music by three young Norwegian compos- ers during the Festival. From Martin Ødegaard (born 1983), the choir has commissioned a new a cappella mass which will be heard for the first time during the Bergen International Festival. The composer is known to combine traditional folk music with a modern sound image and has a special ear for choral music and for the voice as an instrument. The second mass is composed by Tord Kalvenes (born 1989) and began as a Missa Brevis that he wrote during his studies. The choir received much audience praise for their performance of this work and has now commis- sioned two new movements. The complete mass has been named Mis- sa de Lumine and will be performed in full for the first time at this concert. Completing the programme is a work by another young composer. Birgit Djupedal (born 1994) from Bodø is living in Reykjavík, where she com- pleted her masters last spring. Sun- niva-migrant begins with the legend of the patron saint of Western Nor- way, Saint Sunniva, and connects her story with today’s refugees. Bergen Catherdral Choir Kjetil Almenning conductor MARTIN ØDEGAARD (1983–) Missa Convallo World Premiere TORD KALVENES (1989–) Missa de Lumine World Premiere BIRGIT DJUPEDAL (1994–) Sunniva-migrant First performance in Scandinavia m B ER G EN D OMKI R KE ( B ER G EN CAT HED R AL ) DAT E/T I ME Sunday 02 June at 11:00 D U R AT I ON 1:20 Free admission Sing with Bergen Cathedral Choir ​ ingalong during worship at S the Bergen Cathedral. Do you have a mass singer in you? Sunday 02 June you can join a reinforced folk choir when Bergen Domkor (Bergen Cathedral Choir) takes the helm in a Missa Brevis (Latin for ’short mass’) by Mozart. The mass will be performed in the Bergen Cathedral as part of the worship service together with the Bergen Cathedral Choir, a string orchestra – and anyone who wants to sing along. Prior to the service, there will be a joint rehearsal at 10:00 in the cathedral, but you can also arrive just for the service and start singing when the first movement, Kyrie, begins. Sing with the voice you have! Free music sheets are available at Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was only 12 years old when he wrote Missa Brevis no. 1 in G major, and this is the earliest of his masses that have survived. Bergen Catherdral Choir Kjetil Almenning conductor WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART (1756–1791): Missa Brevis No. 1 in G major, KV49​ WWW.FI B.N O/EN 06 3