Bergen International Festival 2019 English catalogue FiB Katalog EN 2019 lowres single pages - Page 52

052 T RO L D H AU G E N T RO L D SA LE N with Mahan Esfahani DAT E/ T I M E Friday 31 May at 19:30 1:20 AD D I T I O N A L IN FO RM ATI O N Mahan Esfahani is also performing with Michala Petri in Håkonshallen Saturday 01 June at 19:30, see p. 45. T IC KET Standard: 490 Senior: 441 Under 30: 190 FiB Fordel: 392 BT Fordel: 367 T RAN SP O RT Transport included in ticket, see p. 14. FOU N DAT I ON S The Goldberg Variations m D U RAT IO N BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2019 From youthful rebellion to a life’s work. On the cover of the Goldberg Variations Johann Sebastian Bach wrote ‘Composed for Music Lovers, to Refresh their Spirits’. The work opens with an aria, after which the composer conjures up over thirty variations of the tune in a work that, almost three hundred years later, still fascinates the music lovers to whom he dedicated it. Iranian-American Mahan Esfahani took piano lessons from his father before developing an interest in the harpsichord as a teenager. In an interview with American NPR (National Public Radio), Esfahani relates how the sound of the harpsichord annoyed his father, so his youthful rebellion was to continue playing! Two decades later he is the recipient of numer- ous awards, including the BBC Music Magazine Award for his recording of the Goldberg Variations. 052 ‘Lots of things are old. Lots of traditions are old. I like it because it’s beautiful. The harpsichord enables you to hear much more subtlety, and it has a sensual quality,’ he claims. ‘… [every 10 years or so] a recording of JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations arrives that significantly changes the way you hear the piece. So it is with Mahan Esfahani …’ – PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER Mahan Esfahani harpsichord JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH (1685–1750) Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 Supported by The Savings Bank Foundation DNB – Dextra Musica and Anders Sveaas’ Charitable Foundation #FE STSPILLEN E19