Bergen International Festival 2019 English catalogue FiB Katalog EN 2019 lowres single pages - Page 50

050 m TRO L D H AU G E N TRO L D SA LE N DAT E/ T I M E Monday 27 May at 19:30 DU RAT IO N 1:30 including interval TIC KET BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2019 Trio con Brio Copenhagen though it is actually an extremely tragic piece,’ says Jens Elvekjær. I ​ n 2019 Trio con Brio Copenhagen leaves their teenage years behind, celebrating their twentieth anniversary in Troldsalen. ‘After living intensely with this unique music for almost twenty years, it makes sense to make a musical statement!’ ​The Trio brings together two ‘musical pairs’, with sisters Soo-Jin Hong (violin) and Soo- Kyung Hong (cello) making one pair and the cellist sister and her Danish husband, Jens Elvekjær (piano) making the other. TRAN SP O RT The ensuing closeness is reflected in the dynamics of the ensemble, which alongside the freshness and curiosity of their approach has resulted in performances at Carnegie Hall and Wigmore Hall, collaboration with Per Nørgård and Bent Sørensen, awards from home and abroad and critically acclaimed recordings. Transport included in ticket, see p. 14. At the Bergen International Festival they per- form Beethoven, Grieg and Shostakovich. Standard: 430 Senior: 387 Under 30: 190 FiB Fordel: 344 BT Fordel: 322 FOU N DAT I ON S Beethoven had to be included, as the trio is releasing a recording of his complete Piano Trios in connection with their anniversary. Elvekjær explains why: Trio con Brio Copenhagen Soo-Kyung Hong cello Soo-Jin Hong violin Jens Elvekjær piano EDVARD GRIEG (1843–1907) Andante con moto in C minor, EG 116 LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770–1827) Piano Trio no. 5 in D major, op. 70:1 DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH (1906–1975) Piano Trio no. 2 in E minor, op. 67 Supported by The Savings Bank Foundation DNB – Dextra Musica and Anders Sveaas’ Charitable Foundation ‘The Shostakovich Trio has followed us since the start, and has always brought us joy, even 050 #FE STSPILLEN E19