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FRICTIO N t Scandinavian premiere B ER G EN I N T ER N AT I ON AL FEST I VAL 2019 02 3 Manes GR I E G HA LLE N GR I E G SA L E N DATE / TI M E Sunday 26 May at 19:00 & 22:00 D U R ATI ON 1:00 A DDI TI O NA L IN FO R M ATI O N This is a standing audience event, where the performers can get up-close. Wearing washable clothing is recommended for the audience. RE C O M E N DE D AG E From 16 years TICKET Standard: 350 Senior: 315 Under 30: 190 FiB Fordel: 280 BT Fordel: 262 ​ heatre that spindries your mind and T examines the human basics: birth, death, sex and food. In Manes the Spanish ensemble La Fura dels Baus looks at basic human nature and attitudes. This performance, physical and extreme, was first staged in 1996. In a motorised and techn- ological society without dignity La Fura dels Baus sought to draw the viewer to perceive the animalistic and instinctive, the very essen- ce of human existence. They are now staging the piece again because they believe that in today's society this shift of focus is once again necessary. Without a linear story line several scenes are presented simultaneously: different worlds share time and space – and you, the audience, wander in their midst. It is impossible to re- main passive in relation to what is happening in the room, both physically and mentally. Manes is gothic in essence, free from super- ficial aesthetics, while the pillars of humanity – birth, death, sex and food – are in focus in a conglomeration of emotions and experiences. Intimacy and privacy are invaded and presen- ted for all to see – everything that is usually kept concealed from public view for cultural reasons. The unique, eccentric and innovative langua- ge, style and aesthetics of La Fura dels Baus have become eponymous in theatrical circles, bringing substantial international success and influence. Pera Tantiñà (La Fura dels Baus) direction, concept Ágata Tantiñà, Raúl Vargas management assistants Rubèn Pujol, Pau Domingo production Ifigeneia Androutsopoulou, Maria Caballero, Adriana de Montserrat, Juanjo Herrero, Joan Llobera, David Marsol, Alfons Nieto, Sanna Toivanen, Monica Barrio cast Miguel Angel Molino, Pau Tantiñà technicians Ifigeneia Androutsopoulou tour manager Sara Reig lightning design Sara Reig, Pau Vila light technicians Big Toxic music Pep Pujol video Carlus Padrissa, Miki Espuma, Pau Domingo music collaborators Nico Nubiola, Eduald Ferré set-design Kike Blanco, Enric Masgrau, Ramon Tarés, Eduald Ferré scenography Adrià Cortadellas, Gerard Lòpez press, communications Rafael Vives, Nau Bostik, Natascha Wiese, Joaquim Tatin Revenga consultant WWW.FI B.N O/EN 02 3