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0 16 OT HER BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2019 Platform GÁTT ​ major new initiative for young A Nordic artists. Iceland has the presidency of the Nordic Council in 2019 and is launching a new multi-year project for young, Nordic artists. The Reykjavik Arts Festival is leading the initi- ative and has invited the Bergen International Festival and other festivals and institutions from Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Finland to take part in the creation of an international meeting place for young Nordic artists within every arts discipline. The initiative is called Platform GÁTT, from the old Norse name for ‘doorway’. The institutions select a handful of young artists for the project, whose contributions also include nominating ad- ditional participants. The goal is to create a large network of young artists based in the Nordic re- gion. Together they will carry out different artis- tic projects and participate in workshops hosted by the artistic institutions. ‘The young artists pursue wide-open chains of thought reaching out in every direction. The impact from such encounters at an early stage of your artistic career has a lifelong effect. We wish to facilitate for young artists to meet a wi- der range of potential partners across different disciplines and provide a platform for them on which to present themselves’, says Festival Dire- ctor Anders Beyer. Bergen International Festival is the first to re- ceive visiting artists from Platform GÁTT. Next in line is Nuuk on Greenland in October, then Reykjavik Arts Festival and the Helsinki Festival in 2020, followed by The Nordic House on the Faroe Islands in 2021. All artists in the network are invited to a final gathering in Reykjavik in spring 2021. Follow Platform GÁTT at Platform GÁTT is a collaboration between the Bergen International Festival, Reykjavik Arts Festival, Helsinki Festival, Nordic House in the Faroe Islands and Nordic Institue in Greenland/ Nuuk Nordic. 0 16 Crescendo – a mentoring programme for young classical musicians Crescendo connects tomorrow’s young classical musicians with highly profiled mentors. The mentoring programme is a joint venture between Barratt Due Institute of Music, the Bergen International Festival and the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, aiming to strengthen the young musicians’ awareness of their own artistic development and identity. Crescendo has two programmes: The mentoring programme for young soloists and chamber groups and Young Philharmonic Orchestra – a collaboration with the Oslo Philharmonic. Through coaching, performances and personal contact in the mentoring programme, outstanding young musicians with extraordinary soloist poten- tial get the chance to prepare for a professional career with the guidance from top international musicians. Participation in the mentoring pro- gramme also helps the Crescendo musicians in building a solid national and international network. This year’s festival offers three Crescendo con- certs: Leif Ove Andsnes & Friends (p. 44), Noah Bendix-Balgley & Friends (p. 64) and Sonatas with Crescendo (p. 65). Read more at The project is supported by Trond Mohn, Bettina Ford Jebsen, Hans Peter Jebsen, The Savings Bank Foundation DNB, Dextra Musica and Talent Norway. #FE STSPILLEN E19