Bergen International Festival 2019 English catalogue FiB Katalog EN 2019 lowres single pages - Page 104

10 4 BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2019 T HE FEST I VAL T HAN KS Westfal-Larsen og Hustru Anna Westfal-Larsens Almennyttige Fond The Festival thanks Birgitte Friele/Santos Birgitte Friele became a new Festival Consul in 2018. Friele says she wants to support the Bergen International Festival because it is a significant part of Bergen's history, and because she believes it will be equally as important for the city's future. Her contribution helps us in our goal to preserve the Festival's traditions while simultaneously ensuring, via innovative means, that a varied and high-level artistic content reaches out to new audiences. The Bergen International Festival wishes to thank Birgitte Friele/Santos for her continued support. The Kavli Trust has for many years supported the Bergen International Festival. In particular, the Trust has wanted to support measures to make the Festival available to people who, for various reasons, do not them- selves have the opportunity to attend the regular festival programme. The Kavli Trust supports several events in the Festival’s outdoor pro- gramme that are available and free to everyone. The support from the Kavli Trust contributes, among other things, to the Festival being able to offer a free opening ceremony for the benefit of the entire city's population. Through a collaboration with the Red Cross, Robin Hood House and other organizations, the festival is able to provide offers for free tickets. The support from the Kavli Trust also makes it possible to carry out tai- lor-made arrangements at the city's nursing home, hospitals, schools, day centres, prison and asylum reception centres, to the benefit of students, patients, residents, users, employees and relatives in the concept of the festival collective (p. 98). We thank the Kavli Trust for their contributions and dedication to mak- ing the Bergen International Festival experience available to more people. 10 4 #FE STSPILLEN E19 Westfal-Larsen og Hustru Anna Westfal-Larsens Almennyttige Fond has the purpose of providing support for the promotion of matters that are in the best interest of Bergen's general well-being and cultural life. The fund supports horror musical The Sandman (p. 24) and this year's opening performance Waiting (p. 34). The Sandman is considered one of director Robert Wilson's very best pieces. The story is based on E.T.A. Hoffmann's Gothic horror story and set up in Grieghallen. Westfal-Larsen og Hustru Anna Westfal-Larsens Almennyttige Fond also supports the international co-production Waiting, which is a symphonic Passion for music by Edvard Grieg, with new texts by Karl Ove Knausgård who sees the story of Peer Gynt from Solveig's perspective. The Bergen International Festival thanks Westfal-Larsen og Hustru Anna Westfal-Larsens Almennyttige Fond for the contributions that bring new perspectives and stories to Bergen, to the benefit of the whole city.