Bergen International Festival 2016 - Page 94

094 World premiere ST U D I O BE R G E N DAT E/ T I M E Thursday 26 May Friday 27 May Saturday 28 May Thursday 02 June Friday 03 June Saturday 04 June at 20:00 1:30 including interval OT H ER Dialogue with choreographers Mia Habib and Marcelo Evelin Dance and the critic: Traversing boundaries, see page 99 T IC KET Standard: 300 Under 30: 150 Festival Card: 30 % discount BT Fordel: 25 % discount DN Fordel: 15 % discount FR I CT I ON F RICT ION B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 6 095 W W W.F IB.N O 095 Carte Blanche: We Are Here Together d D U RAT IO N BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2016 Embodyment, cannibalism, ritual, movement of the masses, the school of fish – lingering, then suddenly a shift of direction, unruliness, the spirit of the masses. WE ARE HERE TOGETHER. We are here together. You are the audience with names, bodies and opinions, and you come from your places. We are dancers, technicians, choreographers and administrators who arrived earlier. We move from our places and meet at this place, at this time, now, and start our movements together. You sit on your chairs, think, contemplate and are moved, while we are on the stage and move ourselves, and you. For our double production We Are Here Together we have invited choreographers Mia Habib and Marcelo Evelin, two sensational people with large appetites for confrontation and challenge, who are willing to confront and challenge their own and other’s opinions and go into the bodies of others. body has memories and thoughts, a story, it has lived in a ritual. The body exists in a mass and it is wild! Mia Habib, Marcelo Evelin choreography Ingeborg S. Olerud lighting design Indrani Balgobin, Marcelo Evelin costume design Gunnar Innvær, Show Takiguchi sound design, music Guro Rimeslåtten, Caroline Eckly, Núria Navarra Vilasaló, Sara Enrich Bertran, Irene Vesterhus Theisen, Miryam Garcia Mariblanca, Ole Martin Meland, Mathias Stoltenberg, Hugo Marmelada, Christopher Flinder Petersen, Dawid Lorenc, Jack Lorentzen/Harald Beharie dancers A collaboration between Bergen International Festival and Carte Blanche. Habib and Evelin have a raw and naked choreographic language. The piece can seem unrefined, but their work is shrewdly carried out and they work actively, consciously and consistently to maintain direction in