Bergen International Festival 2016 - Page 86

086 BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2016 FR I CT I ON F RICT ION B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 6 087 km ú World premiere H Å KON SH A L L E N DAT E / T IME Thursday 02 June at 18:00 DU RAT ION 0:50 ​The Nine Worlds Sit Ozfårs Wysr RE C OMME N DE D AG E S and Ensemble 101 8 and up T IC K E T Standard: 170 Under 30: 150 Festival Card: 30 % discount m World premiere ​ ur Short O Life On Earth H Å KO N S H A L L E N DAT E/ T I M E Tuesday 31 May at 19:30 D U RAT IO N 1:15 A distinctive concert about life and life’s end with Edvard Grieg Kor. Festival Card: 30 % discount The evening’s programme comprises of collected thoughts around the cycle of life. We are born, we live, we die. The texts are about this cycle of life – from the newly composed work “Fra verdens begynnelse” (from the world’s beginning) through middle-age life and living, to dance and life’s highs, and to life’s end here on earth with the world premiere of David Lang’s “Last Spring”. BT Fordel: 25 % discount This will be a distinctive concert with atypical se