Bergen International Festival 2016 - Page 6

006 BE RGE N INTE RNAT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2 016 FEST I VI T I ES F E ST IV IT IE S B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 6 007 01 Opening Ceremony m TO RG AL L M EN N I NG E N DAT E/ T I M E Wednesday 25 May at 12:30 D U RAT IO N 1:00 Free The 64th Bergen International Festival opens with a grand outdoor event in the city square Torgallmenningen, with teasers from Festival artists, speeches and surprises, and of course the traditional singing of Nystemten. We hope to see you there! Her Majesty Queen Sonja will be present during the opening day. Sponsored by DNB and DNV GL Supported by Rika AS, represented by Yvonne & Bjarne Rieber and the Kavli Trust FESTIVITIES ENTERTAINMENT AND SURPRISES. FOR YOUNG AND OLD. PL AYFUL SCENES IN THE STREETS AND EVENTS AT NEW AND FAMILIAR VENUES. BROAD APPEAL . EXPERIENCES FOR YOUR HEAD, HEART AND FEET. PAGE 08 — 4 5 The full programme will be published on in May. Edited by: Bergen International Festival / Design and concept: ANTI Bergen / Printed by: Bodoni / Concept images: Fred Jonny / 3D illustrations: Elijah A. Chote. Photos: Brad Trent (p 8), Helge Hansen (p 10), Silje Sandodden Kise (p 11), Nabil Eldernin (p 13), Kristoffer Juel Poulsen (p 14), Heiko Purnhagen (p 15, left), Arjan Aelmans/Guilleume Saix (p 15, right), Thomas le Duc (p 16, left), Åsa Maria Mikkelsen (p 16, right), Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen (p 17), Svend Withfelt (p 20), Augustin Rebetez (p 23), Tomáš Cafourek (p 21), Mattias Edwall (p 24), Sandra Blikås / byHands (p 26), Julia Marie Naglestad (p 28, right), Eva Lene Gilje Østensen (p 28, left), Ingvild Habbestad Kjelsås (p 29), Melody Smith (p 29), Olga Shangina Williams (p 30), Lars Opstad/Tiril Hjelmeland (p 31), Eric Richmond (p 32, left), Jon Berntsen Huseby (p 32, middle), Solveig Egeland (p 32, right), Andreas Roksvåg (p 33), Marthe Amanda Vannebo (p 35), Thor Brødreskift (p 35), Kari Halvorsen (p 36), Bengt Wanselius (p 36), Thor Brødreskift (p 37), Klaus Tummers (p 38), Helene Wilson (p 41), Robin Skjoldberg (p 43), Stian Tysnes Mørtsell (p 45), Sverre C. Jarlid (p 50, middle, p 63 left), Juventino Mate (p 50, right, p 63 left), Harald Hoffmann, Decca (p 51, left), Anti (p 51, right, p 63, right), (p 52), Marco Borggreve (p 53), Kim Laland (p 57, s 62), Bertil Tødenes (p 59, right), Nikolaj Lund (p 60), Marios Taramides (p 62, top), Bernhard Musil/DG (p 65), Teresa Llordes (p 66), Martin Slottemo Lyngstad (p 68, left), Mat Hennek (p 69), Dag Fosse (p 70 left), Knut Koivisto (p 71, left), Martin Slottemo Lyngstad (p 71, right), Marius Hauge (p 72, middle), Keith Saunders (p 73, right), J.D. Scott (p 74 right), Sverre C. Jarlid (p 75, left), Gilles Marie Zimmermann (p 75, left), Thor Brødreskift (p 77), Mattias Edwall (p 79), Void (p 84), Pierre Thilloy (p 87), J. Norvik (p 89), Lisbeth Holton (p 90), Helge Grønmo (p 99), Stian Andersen (p 93), Helge Hansen/Carte Blanche (p 93, p 95). 006 #FE STSPI LLEN E16 W W W.F IB.N O 007