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BE RGE N INTE RNAT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2 016 040 Trio Tunnel Outdoors Admission free mú Supported by Grieg Foundation and the Kavli Trust FLØYE N, AMFIE T DATE / TIME Monday 30 May at 12:00 Festival on the Seven Mountains DURATIO N BY FJEL L E N E DAT E/ T I M E Sunday 29 May at 07:00-20:00 This traditional seven-mountain hike is an attraction and a great day out. the Bergen International Festival contributes with musical vitamin injections along the route. In collaboration with The Norwegian Trekking Association Frantix the Clown AGE Come along into Knutsen & Ludvigsen’s remarkable universe. Important themes such as cows and dogs, ellediles and crocophants, colour-blind fishmongers and tubaplaying aft-sailed grandparents are on the agenda when Trio Tunnel play this Monday morning. Welcome to a concert with lots of singalong action. Arranged by Stiftelsen Damsgårdsdagene in collaboration with Fyllingsdalen og Laksevåg kulturkontor. Damsgårdsdagene (Festival Days at Damsgård) D URAT I O N 0:40 REC O M M EN DE D AG E S 4 and up Acrobatics, antics and clowning around on the rooftop of town. mú DAMSGÅRD, L AKSE VÅG - PA R KEN DATE / TIME Chris Liengaard as Frantix the Clown is a mini circus all by himself as he conquers Fløyen (the funicular) with stilts, unicycle, juggling and other entertaining fun. Friday 03 June at 11:30–14:00 Saturday 04 June at 17:30–21:00 Sunday 05 June at 12:00–17:00 In collaboration with Fløibanen AS Three days packed with music, dance, theatre, boxcar races, boating 040 In collaboration with Fløibanen AS and Fløien Folkerestaurant The Three Grains of Oats kú FLØYEN, FLØYSLETTEN FLØYEN, OUTSIDE FLØISTUEN Sunday 05 June at 13:00 0 41 Mimi Terris vocal Mårten Lundgren trumpet, flugelhorn Mattias Carlson saxophone, flute, clarinet Henrik Bay Hansen guitar Johan Ohlsson piano Kristoffer Rostedt drums Marc Davis bass This year the Bergen International Festival contributes with two events during Damsgårdsdagene. For more information please visit: Ivar Loe Bjørnstad drums, vocal, kazoo DAT E/T I ME Endre E. Olsen guitar, bass, vocal, kazoo Saturday 04 June at 11:30 and 14:00 Roald Kaldestad guitar, bass, mandolin, D U R AT I ON vocal, kazoo 0:40 Jørgen Sandvik guitar, bass, banjo, R ECOMMEN D ED AG E vocal, kazoo 4 and up In collaboration with Fløibanen AS DAT E/ T IM E B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 6 activities, veteran cars, guided tours, markets, museums, games and other activities near Laksevåg Church. L AN G UAG E sú F E ST IV IT IE S 0:40 4 and up m FEST I VI T I ES ADDITIO NAL INFO RMATIO N Entire programme publicised at: All outdoor events are free. #FE STSPILLEN E16 Performed in Norwegian without translation. Some familiar and some less familiar tales from Western Norway are retold by Hanne B. Oftedal. The stories are woven together with beautiful, eerie and diverse tones from the fiddle of Gro Marie Svidal. Fairytales and music are formed and refined over many hundred years. At Fløysletten they will be retold and conveyed in a way that is relevant for children and adults today. Hanne B. Oftedal storyteller Gro Marie Svidal Hardanger fiddle In collaboration with Fløibanen AS m FLØYEN FOL K ERE STAU RA N T DAT E / T IME ​ imi M Terris Monday 06 June at 19:00 DU RAT ION 1:30 OT H E R Allow 30 mins before the start of concert for the funicular from the lower station. To avoid ticket queue, buy online: T IC K E T Standard: 220 Under 30: 150 Festival Card: 30 % discount Swedish retro jazz brought to life with charm, wit and elegance. With humour and drive, darkness and melancholy Mimi Terris offers a lyrical and tragicomic portrayal of when life doesn’t go exactly to plan. ‘I love it when comedy and tragedy meet in a comforting balance – like a Chaplin film, Astrid Lindgren’s stories or when Billie Holiday sings. On the surface it’s feel-good, but when you look closer you discover all the nuances’ says Terris. and blues – genres that may have lain dormant in a Swedish vinyl collection, and in the heart. The concert is timeless and seductive, so send regards to 1940s USA, or present day Skåne, Sweden if you will. Her natural tone, crystal-clear phrasing and subtle lyrics grab the listener, and the legacy of icons such as Alice Babs, Olle Adolphson and Monica Zetterlund is passed on in masterly style. Mimi Terris’ compositions move effortlessly between swing, bossa-nova, ballads, jazz-waltz W W W.F IB.N O 0 41