Bergen International Festival 2016 - Page 4

BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2016 004 Index 035 035 035 036 036 037 ú Family Outdoors Opera s Contemporary circus f Film o Dialogues u Exhibition Festivities E N TE RTA I N ME NT AND S U R P RISE S 006 Opening Ceremony m dk m M US IC 008 Judy Collins with guest Thomas Dybdahl 010 Fargespill with KORKk ú 012 Angélique Kidjo 014 Dreamers’ Circus with Selene Muñoz 015 Fliflet and the Writers 015 Lariba 016 The Kuraybers with Silje Nergaard 017 Tord Gustavsen Trio with Tander, Vespestad & Molvær 019 RIFF 020 Palle Mikkelborg & Friends 041 Mimi Terris k D RA M ATI S E D C O NC E RT 011 Séance – The Making of a Murder Mystery Musical 018 Dakh Daughters 016 From Bar to Barricades with Tora Augestad d DAN C E 044 Flamenco evening with Selene Muñoz t T H EATR E 022 Hallo with Martin Zimmermann ú O P ERA 021 The Barber of Seville s C O N T E M P O R A RY C I R C U S 024 Limits with Cirkus Cirkör ú 004 IN DE X ú FAMI LY ( I N D O OR S ) See also the programme calendar. k Dramatised concert m Music t Theatre d Dance I N D EX Festival Youth Day m d Festival Youth Performance m t Festival Youth Performance in Stord m t The Tree t In Hertha’s Studio t The Forest of Grimm t FE ST I VAL S QUAR E 026 Welcome to Festival Square! 027 Festival Square Opening with Mames Babegenush m 027 JASS. B.B.B.BOX m 028 Hedvig Mollestad Trio and Moonpedro and the Sinking Ship m 029 Bach, Brann and Bacharach m 029 Che Sudaka m 030 Festival Milonga d 030 Friends of Lysverket #10 m 031 BIFF Film Night f 031 Ekko in the Tent m 031 OperaPub with Bergen National Opera m 031 Party from Space m 032 Colour and Music – a Sensory Space m ú u 032 Space ú u 032 Rhythms from Space m 033 Oldschool with Absence ú d 033 RIFF World Market ú 034 Powerimpro ú m t 034 Classic Buskers ú m 034 Tales in the Tent ú m t 034 The Strange Journey of Sir Tonet ú u 035 Meg og kammeraten min ú m O U T D O OR S 037 Family Day at Siljustøl ú m 038 Water Fools ú m t d 040 Festival on the Seven Mountains m 040 Frantix the Clown ú s 040 Trio Tunnel ú m 040 Damsgårdsdagene (Festival Days at Damsgård) ú m 040 The Three Grains of Oats ú k 042 Morning Mood m o 042 Festival Quarter ú m 042 Festival Street ú m d t 042 Wonderful Wood ú m 043 Andrea Pellegrini & Bjarke Mogensen m 043 The Piazzolla Orchestra m 044 Annar Follesø with Julie Ye m 045 Mostraspelet In Such a Night t #FE STSPILLEN E16 B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 6 Foundations Friction T H E B E ST OF T H E B E ST IN T H E C L ASSICA L A RT T RA DIT ION RE C K L E SS A N D SH RE W D, N E W T E C H N OLO GY, E X PE RIME N T IN G A N D E X PLORIN G m MU SIC 005 m MU SIC 050 Crescendo: Top Young Soloists and BFO 082 Opening show: Powaqqatsi 051 Crescendo: Janine Jansen & Leif Ove Andsnes – Life in Transformation f 084 Apparatjik with Buika and Void k with Top Young Soloists 085 PGE Retro: Philip Glass Ensemble (1969–1983) 052 Closing Concert 086 Our Short Life On Earth 056 Sir András Schiff 087 The Nine Worlds ú k 057 The Goldberg Variations with Christian Ihle Hadland 087 Sit Ozfårs Wysr and Ensemble 101 k 058 Lise Davidsen with Helmut Deutsch 088 Sàpmi with Torgeir Vassvik 059 Bror Magnus Tødenes with Håvard Gimse 089 Asamisimasa 060 The Trondheim Soloists and Truls Mørk 090 Angel of the North 061 The Vertavo String Quartet and Birgitte Christensen 091 Peter Sheppard Skærved 062 Andreas Brantelid & Christian Ihle Hadland 092 Lull u 063 Crescendo: Andsnes, Gimse & Top Young Soloists 064 Navarra String Quartet and Mathias Kjøller d DA N C E 065 Mahan Esfahani and Concerto Köln 093 by carte blanche m/Anneli Dreckerm 066 A Recital with Jordi Savall 094 Carte Blanche: We Are Here Together 068 Crescendo: Opus 13 String Quartet plays Beethoven, Brahms and Tsintsadze t T H E AT RE 068 Crescendo: DaNiBi Trio 096 A Place in the Sun – Bergen Citizen Theatre 069 Crescendo’s Young Chamber Ensembles 096 Dear Europe with Konstantin Heidrich 096 The Ambassador 070 Troldsalen: Louis Lortie 097 Fugit 071 Troldsalen: Christian Svarfvar & Helge Kjekshus 071 Troldsalen/Crescendo: Opus13 String Quartet plays Grieg and Janáček 072 Grieg’s villa: Sandra Lied Haga with 098 Festival Exhibition 2016 u Ole Christian Haagenrud 099 Nordic Council Music Prize m 072 Grieg’s villa: Joachim Carr 099 Dialogues o 073 Grieg’s villa: Brantelid plays Bach’s Cello Suites 073 Grieg’s villa: Sharon Bezaly with Ihle Hadland PRACT ICA L IN FORMAT ION 074 Lysøen: David & Julie Coucheron 100 Accessibility 075 Lysøen: Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad with Håvard Gimse 100 Festival Lounge 075 Lysøen: Charlie Siem with Sveinung Bjelland 100 Talk to us 076 Siljustøl: Gunilla Süssmann 100 Visit us online 076 Siljustøl: Diploma concert with Daunytė, Shim & Nystad 100 Volunteers 077 Gjermund Larsen & Frode Haltli 100 Listen to TIDAL 077 Te Deum 101 Venue map 077 High Mass with Bach Cantata 76 102 Tickets 078 Drop In Concerts 105 Accommodation and Transport 078 The Academy’s Selection 078 Masterclasses 078 Masterclass Concert Other OPE RA 048 Verklärte Nacht/Erwartung 054 Falsche Welt, dir trau ich nicht! t t T H E AT RE 079 The Dance of Death W W W.F IB.N O 005