Bergen International Festival 2016 - Page 30

030 BE RGE N INTE RNAT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2 016 FEST I VI T I ES BIFF Film Night Festival Milonga d F EST IVA L S Q UA RE M ELO D O N TE N DAT E/ T I M E Monday 06 June at 20:30 D U RAT IO N 2:30 T IC KET Standard: 100 BT Fordel: 25 % discount f A milonga is a place or event for dancing tango. The festival milonga starts with a 40-minute introductory course. Participants need no previous skills, as dance instructors from the tango club Tango Abrazo will lead you safely through the session. In session two a couple with rather more than 40 minutes’ experience take over the dancefloor with a striking tango display. FESTIVAL SQUARE MELODONTEN T IC K E T DAT E / T IME BT Fordel: 25 % discount Old classics and new pearls in Festival Square. After this inspirational break, the dance floor is open to everyone and the third session of the festival milonga can begin. All tango enthusiasts, new and experienced, can participate in the art. Of course if you prefer, you can drink up the atmosphere without dancing yourself. A DJ from Tango Abrazo provides the music and ensures that the tango atmosphere seizes you from the first beat. Melodonten converts to a cinema on Sundays during the Bergen International Festival. The posters detail films associated with the theme “boundaries”, and films about art and music. All chosen in collaboration with the Bergen International Film Festival. The final film programme will be presented at In collaboration with the Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF). In collaboration with Tango Abrazo Ekko in the Tent m Friends of Lysverket #10 Monday 30 May at 21:00 LYSVERKE T Tuesday 07 June at 19:00 A musical-culinary meeting crossing borders. Cooks from the whole world meet local craftsmen, musicians, artists, farmers and fishermen as guests of chef Christopher Haatuft at Limited number of seats. Lysverket. Together they create a series of Please visit meals, with Haatuft as host. Many nationalities for more are gathered around the table, irrespective information of language and other barriers, to find new AD D I T I O N A L IN FO RM ATI O N 030 perspectives through a common love for good food and drink. The Bergen International Festival is delighted to pool resources for the tenth Friends of Lysverket meal on Tuesday 07 June. Join us and experience a dynamic meeting between culinary art of the highest class combined with a fantastic festival atmosphere. #FE STSPILLEN E16 B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 6 m F E ST IVA L SQ UA RE ME LOD ON T E N DU RAT ION DAT E / T IME Free 2:00 Wednesday 01 June at 21:00 Open stage for all who wish to sing Opera. The concept is simple: Anyone who wishes to can throw themselves into the fire – your neighbour, your colleague, one of the town’s prima singing stars, or perhaps yourself? The singers have a pianist to accompany them and just need to present themselves and what they are going to perform – arias and duets will abound while the pianist plays. Between artists there will be plenty of time for a cosy chat and to top up your tipple. The stage is free for all, but please contact Vera at Bergen National Opera at in advance to book a slot. Contributors will be unveiled on the night. Welcome to a pleasant evening with a varied opera programme filled with surprises! 1:30 Standard: 100 In collaboration with Bergen National Opera. BT Fordel: 25 % discount In a collaboration between the organisation Ekko and the Bergen International Festival, electronic music will be presented in the tent. With a plethora of exciting artists and expressions, it’s in the undergrowth that you ripen and experiment, and where components and styles are constantly harvested and adopted by more commercial pop 031 OperaPub with Bergen National Opera DU RAT ION FESTIVAL SQUARE T IC K E T MELODONTEN DAT E / T IME DAT E/ T I M E Standard: 100 Sunday 29 May at 20:00 Sunday 05 June at 20:00 Tango party in three acts, open to both new and experienced dance enthusiasts. Do you like to move to the sound of tango? Have you always wanted to try but never dared? Or perhaps you prefer to enjoy the dance and music as a spectator? Here is your opportunity as we invite you to Festival Milonga in Melodonten. F E ST IV IT IE S music. As a curator and event organiser, Ekko works with everything from experimental contemporary music to intense electronic club music, always with a finger on the pulse and always on the hunt for new expressions. Party from Space )