Bergen International Festival 2016 - Page 26

BE RGE N INTE RNAT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2 016 02 6 FEST I VI T I ES F E ST IV IT IE S B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 6 ​ ASS. J B.B.B.BOX Welcome to the Festival Square! m The Festival Square (Festspillplassen) is the place to be during the Bergen International Festival. Here you will discover fantastic, fanciful and fun experiences from 11:00 until midnight – and easily accessible for everyone in town. F E ST IVA L SQ UA RE ME LOD ON T E N DAT E / T IME Saturday 28 May at 21:00 DU RAT ION 1:00 T IC K E T Standard: 100 BT Fordel: 25 % discount Festival Square Opening with Mames Babegenush 1 2 3 m F E ST IVA L SQ UA RE ME LOD ON T E N 4 DAT E / T IME Friday 27 May 19:00 1 Melodonten 3 The main arena at the Festival Square with jampacked day and evening programmes. Read more on p. 27–31 (evening/adult) and p. 32–35 (day/family). 2 Parabolen 02 6 Paraplyen Innovative and tasty food and drink from Lysverket, stimulating conversation and festival atmosphere. Open every day at 11:00–24:00. 4 Explore outer space (p. 32) and envelop yourself in colour and music – a sensory installation. Free. Tullemutten Explore the ingenious homemade devices of The Strange Travels of Señor Tonet (p. 34) in this outdoor area for children and adults. Open every day at 11:00–17:00. Free. #FE STSPILLEN E16 02 7 Free Opening of the festival’s main arena with world-class Klezmer music. Jassbox and Bergen Big Band challenge: Loosen tie. Lace-up dance shoes. Since 2007 Jassbox has held monthly jazz club evenings in Bergen and Oslo, where they are on a mission to bring dance back to jazz, working hard to gather new recruits to the genre. In honour of the Bergen International Festival they have created a long-awaited collaboration between Bergen Big Band, jazz pianist Dag Arnesen and double bass player Magne Thormodsæter. Most of the music refers to danceable 1960s and 1970s compositions. The sizeable ensemble of horns and comp makes it possible to involve break-dancers, jazz-dancers, rappers and vocalists from Bergen’s underground scene. There is a lot of young talent eager to show the incredible potential in the fusion of contemporary styles and big band jazz. Espen Horne producer, DJ Dag Arnesen orchestra leader, piano Magne Thormodsæter orchestra leader, double bass Bergen Big Band Hester V75 Action Man Stig Paa, Torb Roach breakdance Kola Abidogun, Louis Pomfret jazz dance Danish Mames Babegenush is famous for their spellbinding and intense live concerts where energy and melancholy go hand in hand. Bonding together a fusion of traditional Jewish Klezmer music minted at weddings and parties, melted with rock and electronic music, they are once again our guests, this time to create a festival atmosphere during the opening of the main arena of the Festival Square. In collaboration with West Norway Jazz Center W W W.F IB.N O 02 7