Bergen International Festival 2016 - Page 22

02 2 BE RGE N INTE RNAT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2 016 FEST I VI T I ES F E ST IV IT IE S B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 6 02 3 W W W.F IB.N O 02 3 Hallo with Martin Zimmermann tú Scandinavian premiere D EN N AT I O NA LE S C EN E STO RE SC E NE DAT E/ T I M E Thursday 26 May at 19:30 Friday 27 May at 18:00 D U RAT IO N 1:00 REC O M M EN DE D AGES All T IC KET Standard: 290–350 Under 30: 150 Festival Card: 30 % discount BT Fordel: 25 % discount Absurd theatre meets slapstick comedy. The set, which at first glance appears solid and static, comes to life, bringing Martin Zimmermann both opportunities and hindrances. The Swiss choreographer, set designer and clown manoeuvres himself through a landscape of constantly moving frames, boxes and lopsided rectangles. He alternately wears a long coat, a helmet, a bowler hat and a sheet, and occasionally takes time to do the vacuum cleaning. All in an attempt to find himself. Objects come to life and fly around his head; magic fills the room and erases the border between fantasy and reality. Finesse and choreography combine with a feeling of chaos and the impression that anything can go wrong at any time. Martin Zimmermann development, direction, set design, choreography, performance Sabine Geistlich dramaturgy Colin Vallon music Ingo Groher development, set design, technical concept Franziska Born costume design, costumes Eugénie Rebetez director/choreographer’s assistant Sammy Marchina lighting design Andy Neresheimer sound design and – direction Roger Studer development – stage manager Sarah Büchel development – stage director, technical production Sponsored by PwC Martin Zimmermann has appeared on stage for over twenty years and in Hallo he loses contact with reality, mistakes himself for his own mirror image, folds himself up and becomes a piece of scenery. All the while balancing on the fine line between mastery and catastrophe. 02 2 #FE STSPILLEN E16