Bergen International Festival 2016 - Page 2

PRE FAC E PROUD SPONSOR OF DIVERSITY F E STSPIL L E N E I B E RG E N 2 01 6 00 3 Challenge your barriers Our world view is changing dramatically, and the Nordic spirit and our fundamental beliefs are being increasingly challenged – both favourably and adversely. This is reflected in this year’s festival programme. We are experiencing a world at our doorstep as people cross borders both voluntarily and involuntarily. Barriers have been broken down and rebuilt. The dream of a great European fellowship has been replaced by chaos, both on our maps and in our minds. in return you meet the festival’s many offerings with curiosity and an open mind. We disrupt the town and offer a substantial and diverse programme of music, theatre, dance, performance, debate, and much more. The festival creates a breathing space to inhale fresh air and think new thoughts. We challenge you to confront your personal barriers, defy accepted rules, and expose yourself to a renewed perception of our wonderful world. Welcome! Art has an inherent wish to be without limitations. It has a desire to break down barriers and create an understanding of the unexpected in order to craft a narrative for people in today’s world. DNB values its partnership with Norwegian cultural institutions, sports associations and other non-profit organisations, both locally and on a national level. For more than 60 years, we have sponsored the Bergen International Festival, one of Norway’s most dynamic cultural events. Through our sponsorship, we aim to make the arts accessible to as many people as possible. DNB - Sponsor of cultural activities. This year’s festival uses the theme “Barriers”: A theme clearly visible in art that defies global challenges, and if you dare to open your ears and eyes to discovery, you will see the theme unfold in a number of areas of our varied programme. The American composer and pianist Philip Glass is one such artist, who gathers musical inspiration from all cultures of the world to create music without artificial limitations. He is one of the major artists we highlight in 2016 and you can meet him during the festival. The absolutely most important thing to us is our audience – of all ages. All with sky-high expectations for the festival – and rightly so. Our ambition is not only to meet these expectations, but to create magical moments when an audience experiences artistry that both enriches and transforms. The Bergen International Festival aims to delight, challenge and include. We hope that Anders Beyer Festival Director Twitter: @AndersBey W W W.F IB.N O 00 3