Bergen International Festival 2016 - Page 108

10 8 BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2016 T HE FEST I VAL T HAN KS T H E F E ST IVA L T H A N KS The Festival thanks The Kavli Trust has supported the Bergen International Festival for a number of years, and in recent years the Kavli Trust has supported the festival’s outdoor programme: a variety of events that are free and open to everyone. The Grieg Foundation supports numerous charitable projects worldwide, with emphasis on projects that involve children and youth, medical research and the environment. The Grieg Foundation makes an active commitment to ensure necessary support and progress, and contribute in ways that make a difference. Grieg Foundation is one of the main sponsors behind SOS Children’s Villages. The Bergen International Festival has been a recurrent name when the foundation bestows their gifts, and we are very pleased that they wish to take part in this festival tradition in Bergen. Their contribution enables us to create a comprehensive children’s and outdoor programme that let children, adolescents and adults take part in and watch good performances – and enjoy the festival atmosphere. Support has been crucial in making possible this year’s festival staging of the opera The Barber of Seville (p. 21). The Bergen International Festival would like to thank the Grieg Foundation for their support. 10 8 The DNB Savings Bank Foundation is an independent foundation that works to increase interest in and understanding of art and culture, especially among children and youth. They achieve this by supporting projects that involve good communication and encourage participation. Dextra Musica is a subsidiary of of The DNB Savings Bank Foundation, and since 2006 it has purchased valuable string instruments that it lends to Norwegian musicians. With support from The DNB Savings Bank Foundation – Dextra Musica the festival offers Kaleidoscope with KORK (p. 10), a concert with 100 children and young people of 35 different nationalities, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and young soloists from Dextra Musica. Funds and collaboration from The DNB Savings Bank Foundation – Dextra Musica have in addition made possible the mentor programme Crescendo. The Bergen International Festival would like to thank The DNB Savings Bank Foundation – Dextra Musica for their support. #FE STSPILLEN E16 The Kavli Trust also continues its collaboration with Bergen Red Cross, Robin Hood House and many other organisations that make the festival accessible to people who, for various reasons, are not able to experience the programme at the regular festival venues. Thanks to the support from the Kavli Trust, festival concerts will once again be arranged at some of Bergen’s hospitals, nursing homes and senior centres this year. The following locations will be visited by festival artists to entertain the patients, residents, users, staff and relatives: Åstveit sykehjem, Ulset sykehjem, Hordnestunet sykehjem, Midtbygda sykehjem, Arna Helseheim, Skjoldtunet sykehjem, Kalfaret sykehjem, Mildeheimen sykehjem, Øvsttunheimen sykehjem and Ladegården sykehjem. Support from the Kavli Trust ensures that the festival can offer a free opening ceremony (p. 6) for the whole town to enjoy. We would like to thank the Kavli Trust for their contribution and involvementin making festival experiences available to more people. GC Rieber Funds a