Bergen International Festival 2015 English catalogue - Page 72

07 2 BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2015 FR I CT I ON F RICT ION B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 5 07 3 t World premiere DUB Leviathan! CO RN ERT E ATE R E T DATE/TIME/TRACKS Thursday 28 May at 19:15 - Against / War of All Duration: 2:40 Friday 29 May at 19:15 - Against / War of All Duration: 2:40 Saturday 30 May at 19:15 - War of All / All Duration: 2:50 Sunday 31 May at 19:15 - Against / All Duration: 2:30 Tuesday 02 June at 19:15 - Against / War of All Duration: 2:40 Wednesday 03 June at 19:15 - Against / All Duration: 2:30 Thursday 04 June at 19:15 - War of All / All Duration: 2:50 Friday 05 June at 19:15 - Against / War of All / All Duration: 4:00 L A N GUAGE Performed in Norwegian with extracts in English. ‘Emergency Response Theatre’ for the future. In this project Tore Vagn Lid presents a scenic album in a cross-pollination of stage play, radio play and concert. A state of emergency describes a situation in which normal laws and regulations are set aside, often as a result of an sudden catastrophe or unexpected occurrence. In Tore Vagn Lid’s stage dub, stage art and the dub DJ’s modus operandi join forces towards a common goal: to prepare us for a state of emergency and make a kind of ‘emergency response theatre’ for the future. Thomas Hobbes’s work Leviathan describes the natural condition of mankind as war ‘of every man against every man’. Keywords for the scenic album are active – and in particular interactive – humankind, in a future OT H ER On some days there will characterised by new crises and new struggles be DUB parties after in which the rules are in flux and risk zones are the performance. Inexpanding. formation about these will be announced on, on our Facebook page and at the venue. The scenic symposium New Performances, New Tools – Knowledge and Skills for the Post-dramatic Theatre is held 02 and 03 June, see page 79. T IC KET * Full price: 290 Under 30: 150 *Festival card: 40 %–30 % discount DUB as a music production form evolved in a time of protest and revolt in Jamaica around 1970. The mixer board acquired an extended function, accompaniment was a central feature and the vocal track disappeared. Tore Vagn Lid makes a dramaturgical principle of this. Tore Vagn Lid is recognised for productions that highlight social issues and explore the potential of theatre as a medium. The Measures Taken (2007), Elephant Stories (2009) and Fatzer (2012) were internationally acclaimed when they premiered at the Bergen International Festival, 07 2 W W W.FIB.N O and Kill Them All (2013) received the Critics’ Award. In accordance with the idea of the DUB genre, Tore Vagn Lid follows up motifs from earlier work, from the wave of suicide related to the Euro debt crisis to the countless ‘losers’ beneath the ‘harder sky’ of global capitalism, to use Bjørneboe’s expression. The album consists of the tracks War of all (Bellum Omnium), Against (Contra) and All (Omnes), which will be presented in various combinations during the performance period. Tore Vagn Lid direction, text and audio-visual concept, music, musician Tomas Nilsson music, percussion Jonas Skarmark DUB Organizer/DJ Morten Skage bass Thorolf Thuestad sound design Øystein Nesheim set and models Kristian Pedersen animation/graphics Norunn Standal lighting design Ole Joachim Sjursen, Tore Vatne film team Stephan Hergel, Vegard Landsverk, Kyrre Bjørkås, Åsmund Bøe, Klaus Kottmann, Alexander Andreassen video material Tor Christian F. Bleikli, Stine Fevik, Henrikke Meidell, Selma Indine Strønen Damm, Hilde Annine Hasselberg, Arild Vestre cast Once upon a human being Bergen citizen theatre DE N N AT ION A L E SC E N E L IL L E SC E N E DAT E / T IME Friday 29 May at 18:00 Saturday 30 May at 13:00 & 15:00 Monday 01 June at 18:00 DU RAT ION 1:00 L A N G UAG E Performed in Norwegian. English translation unavailable. Bergen playwright and author Arne Lygre finally makes his debut on home ground, following great success on stages abroad and elsewhere in Norway. DE N N AT ION A L E SC E N E T E AT E RKJ E L L E RE N DAT E / T IME A symphony of stories. During the 2014 Bergen International Festival, director Vibeke Flesland Havre sat in a booth in the city square and collected the stories of local residents, culling raw material for the theatrical project Bergen citizen theatre. Those story-tellers who consented to having their material included have been involved in developing the performance, and appear on stage as narrators. Nothing of Me is about a mature woman entering a relationship with a man many years her junior. She leaves her husband and children to live out her passion with the young man. Does this bring them pure joy? Or does their past catch up with them? Weekdays at 19:30 Saturday at 18:00 DU RAT ION See L A N G UAG E Performed in Norwegian. English translation unavailable. ‘This isn’t just some simple adulterygone-sour drama … Nothing of Me is more like a poetic meditation of the nature of existence itself,’ wrote the Guardian’s theatre critic after the world premiere in Stockholm. T IC K E T * Full price: 320 Under 30: 150 *Festival card: 40 %–30 % discount Kamilla Bach Mortensen director Ingvild Rømo Grande set designer Ane Skumsvoll, Stian Isaksen, Marianne Nielsen cast The performance Once upon a human being consists of the stories of several lives. Memories, dreams and experiences are woven together into a greater tale about being human. Produced by DNS OT H E R Talk (in Norwegian) after the 13:00 performance on Saturday 30 May T IC K E T * Full price: 250 Under 30: 150 Produced by Transiteatret-Bergen in association with Dramatikkens Hus, the Norwegian Academy of Theatre Project Programme, Aust-Agder County, Sisu Percussion, Bergen International Festival, Cornerteateret t Saturday 09 May– Saturday 10 June t World premiere Nothing of Me *Festival card: 40 %–30 % discount Vibeke Flesland Havre script, director Anders Hasmo Dahl dramaturg Silje Sandodden Kise set design Gunnar Innvær sound design Marte Elise Stormo lighting design Presented in association wit