Bergen International Festival 2015 English catalogue - Page 28

02 8 BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2015 FEST I VI T I ES F E ST IV IT IE S B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 5 The Sheep 02 9 mdú E DVA RD G RIE G S PL ASS F YSA K A L LA KT IV IT E TSH U S DAT E / T IME DAT E / T IME Friday 29 May at 18:00 Saturday 30 May DU RAT ION 3:00 Admission free Workshops 11.00–15.00 Graffiti wall from 12.00 Open dance floor 13.00–15.00 tú Outdoors N YGÅRD SPARK EN DAT E/ T I M E Sunday 31 May at 12:00 og 15:00 DU RAT IO N 0:30 R EC O M M E NDE D AGES All Admission free A charm offensive from contactseeking sheep. C OMPE T IT ION 15.00–17.00 OT H E R You might think that a sheep’s life is pretty uneventful, but that is where you are wrong! In this clever and funny outdoor performance the audience gains insight into the real world of sheep. A flock of sheep and a ram have flown from Canada to Bergen and have settled down in rural surroundings. But all is not quiet and peaceful in this pastoral scene: intense love triangles are in store, and there is milking, shearing and grazing to be done – not to mention the wolf! Outdoor programme The performance about the sheep is engaging, wordless and surprising, and has received awards in several countries. The actors’ fantastic body language and the surreal humour have gained high repute. During the Festival, the city is filled with music, humour, stunts and surprises. DJs, dancers, circus artists and a number of guerilla musicians will bring the city centre to life throughout the Festival period. See also The Sheep on this page, Opening Ceremony (p. 6), Festival Square (p. 27), Midnight Reflection (p. 31), The Provocateur (p. 76) and Kamchàtka (p. 76). David Danzon og Sylvie Bouchard concept, choreography Joanne Leblanc costumes David Danzon artistic direction Isorine Marc artistic producer Please visit for a full overview of the outdoor programme. Supported by Grieg Foundation and the Kavli Trust 02 8 Supported by Grieg Foundation and the Kavli Trust W W W.FIB.N O To enter the competition, visit Tickets are also available at the door. Food and beverages can be purchased at the venue. NB! Cash only. Rival vs. Rival T IC K E T Full price: 90 Children: 60 A two-day happening with a free outdoors show, hip hop workshops, and a national breakdance competition. floor at Fysak on 30 May. The competition is aimed at those over sixteen while the workshops welcome children down to the age of six. Every year, about a thousand breakers from all over South America gather for a day of battling and hip-hop in São Paulo, Brazil. The originators of this concept are the AfroBreak Crew, a group that was formed through the aid of Kolibri – Children At Risk Foundation and the preventative work they do in the Brazilian metropolis. This year, on the night before the competition, you are also invited to a superb outdoors show in the centre of Bergen. Well known dance crews, DJs and several bands gather for three hours of great atmosphere in the square outside Grieghallen. The AfroBreak Crew brings their concept to the Bergen, arranging a Norwegian version of Rival vs. Rival as part of the festival programme. Last year’s winners were the locally based Absence Crew. In addition to the competition, there will be dance and graffiti workshops and an open dance In association with Kolibri – Children At Risk Foundation. Supported by Grieg Foundation and the Kavli Trust W W W.F IB.N O 02 9