Bergen International Festival 2015 English catalogue - Page 22

BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2015 02 2 F E ST IV IT IE S AP O L LO N DAT E/ T I M E Friday 05 June at 19:00 3:00 Admission free Classical music ventures out of its comfort zone in the concert halls and takes a night out at a rock pub. legendary music journalist in Bergen, Apollon has always sold a lifestyle, more than just records. Classical rock. Apollon opened its doors in 1976, and is now one of the oldest record shops in Norway. Three years ago they expanded their operations to include a 70-seat bar in the shop. According to Einar "Engelen" Engelstad, co-owner and This evening presents classical music performed by classical musicians on and off the festival programme – on the premises of rock music. The programme will not be announced beforehand, the bar will be open and you can come and go as you like. Get ready for great musical experiences in a casual and relaxed atmosphere! Festival After-party at Lysverket iD with Cirque Éloize sú A hiphop hit! Norwegian premiere Canadian contemporary circus company Cirque Éloize returns to the Festival with the international success. “… as nail-biting as it was beautiful … Cirque Éloize’s famed iD spectacle is an eye-popping display of contemporary circus acts fused with frenetic urban dance and graphically staged theatre …”, wrote The Telegraph’s reviewer when the troupe visited London, while The Guardian described the performance thus: “Take the energy of a small nuclear explosion and add the attitude of a stroppy teenager, and you have iD.” G RIE G H A L L E N G RIE G SA L E N End the festival night on the dance floor! Lysverket is the restaurant, bar and night club in the art museum KODE 4, in the middle of Bergen's central arts avenue by Lille Lungegårdsvann. On weekends it is a popular nightclub where some of the best DJs in town spin records. m LYSVERKE T DAT E/ T I M E B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 5 Classical Apollon m D U RAT IO N FEST I VI T I ES Saturday 30 May DJ Teddy Touch (Drums Dramatic) Thurday 28 May DJ Thomas Paulsen (PLOINK) Thursday 04 June DJ Rotekopf (Wardruna/Tom Tveits) Friday 29 May DJ Fredrik Saroea (DATAROCK) For the Bergen International Festival they have been inspired by the extensive festival programme that is presented at venues around town, and guests at Lysverket will hear disco, funk and soul mixed with everything from Stockhausen to Sæverud. We promise entertaining and funky combinations of a broad range of musical ingredients. Saturday 06 June DJ Geir Svensson (Casiokids/ KlubbKannibal) Friday 05 June DJ Sigurd  Lauritzen (Ciscoe) at 22:00 Hang out at the bar, or preferably, let loose on the dance floor. Admission free Produced by Lysverket 02 2 W W W.FIB.N O DAT E / T IME Saturday 30 May at 19:30 Sunday 31 May at 13:00 og 18:00 DU RAT ION 2:00 including interval RE C OMME N DE D AG E S: 7 and up T IC K E T * Full price: 190–500 Under 30: 150 *Festival card: 40 %–30 % discount In a constantly shifting cityscape traditional circus arts such as juggling and acrobatics are accompanied by trial-bikes, inline skating, b-boying/b-girling and breakdance. The soundtrack, created by Jean-Phi Goncalves (Beast) and Alex McMahon, consists of rock, hiphop and electronica. Cirque Éloize was founded in 1993 by Jeannot Painchard, who returns to directing with iD. The company has performed in more than 40 countries, and delighted the festival audience with Cirkopolis in 2013. 02 3 Jeannot Painchaud director Jonathan St-Onge executive producer Robert Massicotte set designer, illustrator and video projections co-designer Krzysztof Soroczynski show acrobatic designer, head-trainer and trampowall act designer Mourad Merzouki artistic contributor Pierre Bernard artistic consultant Jean-Phi Goncalves, Alex Mcmahon co-composers Linda Brunelle costume designer Nicolas Descôteaux lighting designer Jacques Poulin-Denis sound designer Alexis Laurence video projections co-designer Simon Gauthier video system designer Marc-André Gilbert sound technology consultant Suzanne Trépanier, Florence Cornet make-up designers Marie-Ève Soutière assistant director Nadia Labrie director assistant Claudia Couture stage manager, director’s assistant Catherine Leboeuf & Louise Bourret assistants & costume coordinators Josianne Levasseur assistant to the show acrobatic designer and head-trainer Christian «Sancho» Garmatter choreography Elon Höglund, Emmanuelle Lephan, Richard Maguire, Konethong Vongpraseuth choreographical collaborators Olivier Lemieux, René Bibaud, Mariève Hémond trainers and coaches Ignacio Adarve, James Eddie Crane, Raúl Veiga Domingos, Nicolas Fortin, Jon Larrucea, Nadia Lumley, Jean-Philippe Deltell, Baptiste Montassier, Conor Neall, Forty Nguyen, Thibaut Philippe, Johan Prytz, Jérémy St-Jean, Nicole Winter, Konethong Vongpraseuth artists Supported by Grieg Foundation Sponsored by Radisson Blu Hotel Norge W W W.F IB.N O 02 3