Bergen International Festival 2015 English catalogue - Page 14

0 14 BE RGE N INTE RN AT I ON AL FE STIVAL 2015 FEST I VI T I ES F E ST IV IT IE S B E RG E N IN T E RN AT ION A L F E ST IVA L 2 01 5 Moana Mames Babegenush Emil Goldschmidt clarinet Bo Rande flugelhorn Lukas Rande saxophone Nicolai Kornerup harmonica Andreas Møllerhøj bass Christian Hørsted drums The Rising of the Sea md European premiere GRIEGH A LLE N P EER GY N TSA L EN DAT E/ T I M E Friday 29 May at 18:00 O SEA N A DAT E/ T I M E Sunday 31 May at 19:00 D U RAT IO N 1:45 OT H ER Introduction in the Peer Gynt foyer at 17:30 Introduction in Oseana at 18:00 Open climate symposium at the University of Bergen on 29 May, see p. 79. T IC KET * Full price: 290 Under 30: 150 Henrik Goldschmidt oboe Supported by the Oticon Foundation Experience this captivating performance from Fiji! For anyone who lives on an island, surrounded by the deep, beautiful yet dangerous sea, it is a cruel thought that one day the island will be swallowed by the ocean. For the inhabitants of the tropical Pacific Islands, this is about to happen. Global climate change makes the sea rise and the land to disappear. How does it feel when the sea forces you to abandon all that you hold dear? What does the threat of climate change mean to the island societies and the families who live there? Moana – The Rising of the Sea is an intense and colourful declaration of love to the nature and cultures of the Pacific, performed by Pacific Islanders. Through music, dance and video, 25 dancers and singers from Oceania Dance Theatre and the choir Pasifika Voices share motions and experiences not so easily captured in scientific reports. Leading climate researchers meet in Bergen on 29 May for an open symposium about global warming and rising sea levels. Before the performance, one of the participants will give a brief introduction to the powerful messages conveyed by Moana. *Festival card: 40 %–30 % discount 0 14 01 5 W W W.FIB.N O m Late Night Logen LO G E N T E AT E R Mames Babegenush DAT E / T IME Saturday 30 May at 22:00 DU RAT ION 2:00 including interval Oceania Dance Theatre & Pasifika Voices Vilsoni Hereniko executive producer & original story Peter Rockford Espiritu director & choreographer Igelese Ete musical director, original score & music Allan Alo original lyrics & cultural advisor A collaborative effort by the Bergen International Festival, the University of Bergen and the University of the South Pacific. T IC K E T * Full price: 290 Under 30: 150 *Festival card: 40 %–30 % discount Energetic and melancholy love in Jewish festive spirit. The clarinet is fervent, yet heartbreaking, the bass gets your blood pumping and the accordion leaves you breathless. Get ready to be carried away by this six-man orchestra and their declaration of love to klezmer! "Mames Babegenush" is Yiddish and means "mom's aubergine salad". The Danish band has won international klezmer awards, and is known for creating a magical atmosphere at their concerts. Last autumn they released a new album. Klezmer is music for weddings and other celebrations, and has a long tradition. The first references to it are found in 17th century Eastern Europe. Its hypnotic rhythms and heartfelt melodies from Jewish folk music have since influenced many musical genres, jazz in particular. W W W.F IB.N O 01 5