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1. Cut and install the 2 × 6 subfascia along the eaves (see the EAVE DETAIL). Keep the ends flush with the outsides of the overhang rafters, and the bottom edges flush with the bottom rafter edges; use 16d nails. 2. Install the 1 × 8 fascia along the gable overhangs, then along the eaves, holding it 1/2" above the rafters so it will be flush with the sheathing; use 6d galv. finish nails. 3. Install the 1/2" plywood sheathing, starting at a lower corner of the roof; use 8d box nails driven every 6" along the edges and every 12" in the field of the sheets. 4. Attach metal drip edge along the eaves, then apply 15# building paper over the sheathing. Add dripedge along the gable ends, over the paper. 5. Install the asphalt shingles, starting at the eave edge. If desired, install roof vents. Install the plywood roof sheathing after installing the fascia. Nail every 6" at the edges and every 12" in the field. Rip the soffit panels to fit between the wall plates and fascia. Fasten the panels to the nailers, rafters, and subfascia.