Benefits Of Choosing The Right Glasses for Your Eyes Benefits Of Choosing The Right Glasses for Your Ey

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Glasses for Your Eyes: Types, Benefits and Drawbacks of Soft Contact Lenses Are you considering wearing soft contact lenses? Maybe because you found out a refractive error or maybe you want to switch from eyeglasses to contacts, whatever the reason is, we will provide you with a complete guide including the types, benefits and drawbacks of soft eye contact lenses. We will also list down and briefly describe the type of refractive errors that can be corrected by using soft contacts. TYPES OF CONTACT LENSES 1. Soft Contact Lens This type of lens is made with flexible plastic material using new optical technology which enables such lenses to adjust according to your eye allowing you to have a comfortable vision and enables oxygen to pass through making it breathable. Due to its flexibility and adaptively, it is prescribed the most by opticians. Soft contact lenses are further categorized as:  Daily-Wear (Daily Disposable) Contact Lens: Such lens, by its name, is designed in a way which only allows wearers to enjoy it for only a day after which it is thrown away.