BellTime Magazine Spring 2018 BellTime 9-5 - Page 23

BellTIME The GAA, in collaboration with the PDST, has recently developed the Future Leaders Transition Year Programme. It is a cross-curricular programme comprising of eight modules, each designed to encourage maturity, initiative, responsibility and leadership skills in pupils. The Programme gives pupils the knowledge and skills to support all roles required in the effective staging of Gaelic Games. As part of the Programme pupils are challenged to organise and run a GAA Super Games Centre for younger students or assist in Coaching at the local Primary School. Course Structure: - The Programme is comprised of 8 modules. - All modules are between 6 – 10hrs long, stand alone and individually certifiable. Pupils will receive a certificate for each completed module. - A school can choose to deliver one or more modules. Delivering five modules plus the organisation of a GAA Super Games Centre/Coaching initiative through the pupils, results in them being awarded the “GAA/PDST Future Leaders Award”. - When registered, each pupil gets an online e- Portfolio to store and share documentation and to submit tasks. Pupils receive certification for each module when all the tasks are completed and submitted to their e-Portolio. Modules: - Future Leaders FMS & Coaching of Hurling / Gaelic football Module - Future Leaders Nutrition Module - Future Leaders Refereeing Module - Future Leaders Administration Module - Future Leaders Sports Journalism Module - Future Leaders Performance Analysis Module - Future Leaders Event Management Module - Future Leaders Wellness Module 44 The Super Games Centre allows players to take ownership of the Games and feel a sense of belonging and enjoyment in a fun, safe environment. As the TY pupils themselves are responsible for organising and running all 7V7G2bFR7BB&BV"7WW"vW06VG&RF26W'6RV6W&vW2BVvW'2FPG&6FV"W2FFRvW'6@&W76&ƗGf"WfW'FrƖVBFFRvW2v6RFRF6FWW&V6RvBB2'6WFpFRf&W2GVW2B'Vr7WW"vW26VG&RW2&VǒFWfVGW&RB&VVfB6琧v2v66ǒ&R6WfVB'WGFrFV"Wvǐ7V&VB62BvVFvRFW6R&7F6&VƖfR6WGFrg&VGV6FW'7V7FfRFR&VVfG2bFP&w&R&RVvRvFEW2V6rFV 66ƗFW&762FvFƗFW&762ƗFW&7`VW&762BFV"&W6VFF62g&66fWrBFR&VVfG2FFRW&RWVǐ'FB2FR&w&RBFR'VrbFP7WW"vW26VG&RV'&6W26W6fGBf7FW'26V6Rb&VvrFRWFW&R&R&VVfG2FFPWFR66FFR66VGBGW&FFR6VG'2vRFRgWGW&RVFW'2G&6FॖV"&w&R2FRFVFFRVvP6G&'WFFFRVFBvV&Vr&F66BVFbFRVrVRb&VBF26W0BFRvV&66G&V&RVvvrW72BW70667FfG@WfV2b&W6G@F&WFW2&RFP&6RCP