BellTime Magazine BellTime 11-5 - Page 40

Keeping our young people BellTIME SAFE Every year RNLI lifeboat crews around Ireland rescue over one thousand people and are on call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. What may not be so obvious is the work that the charity does behind the scenes to stop people, particularly young people, getting into trouble in the first place Why Bigboy Beanbag? The Bigboy Beanbag is unique! We have a removable, machine washable cover which makes it easy to clean. We use high quality breathable fabric, which is waterproof and UV protected. A Bigboy is happy indoors and outside! Sensory Space Beanbags are an excellent addition to a sensory space. Many studies have shown beanbags can help autistic children with sensory processing difficulties. These therapies can include weight bearing, and our fabric can give the child exposure to new textures. We have worked successfully with many schools! Well Being The ‘Well-Being Initiative’ plays a vital role in promoting positive mental health and coping skills for children. The introduction of mindfulness and meditation practices in the classroom can be hugely enhanced by the addition of our Bigboy Beanbags! Versatility The Bigboy Beanbag provides a therapeutic, comfortable, supportive chair. It is a large beanbag, on which several children can be accommodated (depending on their size!). We produce a ‘one size fits all’ product which can be configured into various shapes; a chair, lounger, sofa or bed! Education Rates We offer exceptional DISCOUNTED rates for schools and colleges! 78 Our water safety messages reached over 52,000 young people across Ireland last year. These were mostly class/youth group presentations given by RNLI Education Volunteers or in conjunction with one of our water safety partners such as the Health and Safety Authority. Paul Rafferty, RNLI Youth Education Manager for Ireland, says, “I’d really like to thank our team of education volunteers here in Ireland. They do such an amazing job, teaching key water safety messages one class at a time all year round.” Patrick Bunting is one such education volunteer: “I talk to the young people just like I’d talk to my nephews and nieces before we head down to the beach for the day. It’s all about having fun and staying safe. We tell the kids what they should do if they get into trouble and how they can help if one of their friends falls into the water.” Teachers can also get involved and help reduce drowning around Ireland by logging onto our web site and downloading our new curriculum-linked resources at www.rnli/education or book a visit from one of our education volunteers. As the Youth Education Manager for Ireland, Paul Rafferty is excited about the new resources: “We’re here to help you with everything you need to teach the children in your classroom or youth group how to stay safe in, on and around the water. You’ll find videos, guided discussions, problem solving activities – and more – specifically tailored for primary and secondary school aged children.” So, if you want to reduce drowning then get onboard with our free curriculum-linked resources and maybe you’ll save a life of someone in your class. 79