BellTime Magazine BellTime 11-5 - Page 28

BellTIME BellTIME Ireland needs more Chartered Surveyors Following the results of a survey carried out by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland on over 300 construction, land, property firms, it was found that there will be a substantial deficit of surveyors to meet the predicted future demand in the coming years. Based on a conservative forecast of economic growth up to December 2021, the survey found that almost 3,739 new employment opportunities are expected to be created across the surveying profession; 1,652 new jobs in quantity surveying, 210 jobs in building surveying, 237 jobs in land surveying and 1,640 new jobs in property surveying. Based on current student enrolments on surveying courses, there will only be enough Irish graduates to fill less than half of those positions – 1,577 or 42%. With the property market to continue to grow, the research highlights the significant opportunities that exist for students who enrol on to surveying courses as Irish firms are having difficulty recruiting experienced qualified personnel and graduates. Students who are strong in science, technology, engineering and maths subjects are particularly encouraged to consider the variety of surveying courses they can take. This shortage of qualified personnel is a good thing for students who choose surveying courses as they are almost guaranteed employment at the end of their course, and due to supply and demand issues, starting salaries will be higher than in the past. There is also a diverse variety of careers to embark on within the surveying profession. The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland has eleven professions under its umbrella. Students can work in numerous professions and industries after completing their studies. 54 For example, a surveyor such as Chartered Planning & Development Surveyor can be involved in managing teams from the initial viability study to the delivery of major building projects. A Chartered Facilities Manager could be tasked with organising the operation of high spec office premises for technology companies such as Facebook, Google or Ebay. For those interested in technology, Chartered Geomatic Surveyors spend most of their time on site using highly advanced drones and sophisticated technology to map and survey land. With such a pronounced shortage in qualified people expected over the next four years, now is the time for students completing their leaving certificate to consider a career in surveying. For more information on a career as a surveyor, learn more about SCSI accredited and third level courses on 55