Being Highly Sensitive and Creative - Page 38

Anxiety In her newsletter article "Tips for HSPs' Less Sensitive Friends and Lovers," Elaine Aron writes: "HSPs are more affected by having troubled childhoods -- such a past can, for example, make them anxious, depressed, insecure, or shy as adults. "This has nothing to do with the trait itself -- HSPs with good-enough childhoods do not have these troubles. Nor are the problems unchangeable. They can be vastly improved by your attitude and by your HSP's inner work, especially in skilled psychotherapy (sometimes along with medications). "The work is slow and often difficult, as is almost anything worthwhile. HSPs often like this inner work--they are well designed for it.." ~~~ Anxiety has often been part of my life, so perhaps I am more aware of it and concerned about its impacts, but I think it is often connected with sensitivity, especially for creative people who are often more able and perhaps willing than others to access their emotions. If anxiety is part of your life, it is worth the effort to deal with it, because, among other reasons, it can keep you from more fully expressing your creative talents. One of my related articles: Our High Sensitivity: Both A Gift and Vulnerability to Anxiety. There are more articles and self help programs on my site: Anxiety Relief Solutions. Taking care of your sensitive self Acclaimed writer Mary Gaitskill refers to finding a place to live that was quiet enough for her "chaotic" emotions. She does not identify that "chaos" as resulting from sensitivity, but many people do report that