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From my post: Sensitive and suffering as a teen: Claire Danes on being shy and high achieving. The stage or film set can be a “safe place” in many ways - a workplace environment where sensitive people can express themselves much more freely than in the “real world” outside. But wherever you go, sensitivity does not disappear. You will help support your power as an actor if you make sure you aren’t getting overwhelmed with excitement, stress, discomfort or even anxiety while acting. For anxiety and stress relief articles and products, see my Anxiety Relief Solutions site. Also see related posts: Kristen Stewart and shyness and sensitivity. Actors and the High Sensitivity Personality Shyness and sensitivity – working it out on stage or off ~~~ Artists in the Spotlight Coach Jenna Avery quotes Elaine Aron: “…normally we artists v&R&VfrW"7&gBBW"7V'FR7&VFfRf6'WBvFG&vbB7&V6W26V6FfG( BFB2'BbvRvFG&w26vR&RWG&6V6FfRvVFRFR6W2F6rW"v&W&f&BWB6VB&VB&WfWw2bBB66WB&VV7F"66( fW'FG2%6Rbג&fFR6ƖVG2B&V6VFǒFB6Rv&F2F2bv&Vr6VVrBF66fW&VBFR'F6Rb&VrvƖrFgVǒ&V6VfR66BG'rBF&6FR76fRfp