Being Highly Sensitive and Creative - Page 26

A temperamental connection with creativity In her article Highly Sensitive Persons - High Sensitivity and Creative Ability, psychologist Susan Meindl, MA writes about aspects of the trait. She practices a Jungian approach to psychodynamic psychotherapy. Here are a couple of excerpts: "Sensitivity to Stimulation: A temperamental connection has been observed between between high Sensitivity and creativity. "Individuals may manifest extreme sensitivity to stimulation, or psychic over-excitabilities, in any of five areas: intellectual, psychomotor, imaginational, emotional, or sensual. "Individuals who have an innate tendency to experience and express themselves in certain combinations of these areas have the potential for a higher level of development. "Out of the five, the following three: emotional, intellectual, and imaginational have been theorized to be most indicative of developmental potential and creative expression. "Sometimes over-excitability can cause difficulties... "Emotional over-excitability (Strong emotional reactions) in childhood may be viewed as the emotional liability of ADHD. "Psychomotor over-excitability (Movement and fidgeting) may be viewed as hyperactivity and seen as another liability. "Intensity! However, the over-excitabilities in combination may produce an intensity that has often been used to describe creative individuals." Meindl points out that "High sensitivity easily leads towards excitability and individual s often respond with strategies intended to manage and control their level of stimulation.