Being Highly Sensitive and Creative - Page 16

Gifts and Challenges In Therese Borchard’s interview with me for her column Beyond Blue and on HuffingtonPost [see Gifts and challenges of being highly sensitive on my Highly Sensitive site], I note some of the values of being highly sensitive - as well as some challenges. Question: If you had to name the top five gifts of being highly sensitive, what would they be? 1. Sensory detail One of the prominent "virtues" of high sensitivity is the richness of sensory detail that life provides. The subtle shades of texture in clothing, and foods when cooking, the sounds of music or even traffic or people talking, fragrances and colors of nature. All of these may be more intense for highly sensitive people. Of course, people are not simply "sensitive" or "not sensitive" -- like other qualities and traits, it's a matter of degree. Years ago, I took a color discrimination test to work as a photographic technician, making color prints. The manager said I'd scored better, with more subtle distinctions between hues in the test charts, than anyone he had evaluated. That kind of response to color makes visual experience rich and exciting, and can help visual artists and designers be even more excellent. 2. Nuances in meaning The trait of high sensitivity also includes a strong tendency to be aware of nuances in meaning, to be more cautious about taking action, and to more carefully consider options and possible outcomes.