Being Highly Sensitive and Creative - Page 10

Shyness, Introversion, Sensitivity How are these traits and qualities similar or related? Although introversion and shyness, as Aron notes, are not inherently part of the trait of high sensitivity, in my personal experience, and based on reading many quotes by sensitive people, introversion and other qualities such as emotional intensity often accompany being sensitive. Even if HS - high sensitivity - is not the same as introversion or shyness, there are interactions and overlaps. Also, I suspect a number of artists who call themselves 'shy' are really introverted and/or highly sensitive. Shyness and introversion may seem to be the same in some ways, at least on the surface. They can overlap, and we may have both traits – but they are not the same thing. And they are not the same as the trait of high sensitivity. But being shy can be more intense if we are also highly sensitive, and very aware of other people’s moods and judgments, and our own inner feelings. Shyness vs social anxiety The Social Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia site lists some brief definitions that help distinguish the terms : “Shyness is a feeling of timidity, apprehension, or discomfort in at least some social situations. This term is often used to describe a personality disposition or temporary event, and less frequently in reference to a mental health concern. “Social anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness, dread, or apprehension about social interaction and presentation. Frequently, the primary concern fueling social anxiety is a concern that one will be (or is being) judged negatively by other people, regardless of whether this is actually the case.