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Diana Ross came to the Hollywood Palladium in style, with a old white Rolls Royce before she made a great entrance at the concert.

Diana Ross walked through the crowd to the stage singing 'I'm Coming Out' where Puff Daddy/Sean Combs joined her and sang, 'Mo Money, Mo Problems' together.

Diana invited Robin Thicke to the stage to sing Endless Love' with her and Several members of the Kardashian family joined on stage.

During 'Upside Down' she surprised the audience with Stevie Wonder at her side and did Stevie a little part of his song 'Happy Birtday'.

'The Best Years Of My Life' became a touching duet. Mama Ross with her daughter Rhonda.

Evan Ross and Ashley Simpson performed 'Love Hangover' together with Miss Ross.

Leonardo DiCaprio was introduced on stage, while Berry Gordy Jr stole the spotlight from the balcony.

DJ Khalid performed 'All We Do Is Win' with Diana.

The audience sang 'Happy Birthday' to Diana and in return, she said the audience were her gift.

She mentioned she received a proclamation to declare March 26 as Diana Ross day from the city Los Angeles.

Diana Ross - Family

video by Fredy Rimando

Diana Ross - compilation

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