Bedarchei HaTorah No. 41 BDARCHEI_HATORAH_FALL_2018 - Page 18

A ll of the talmidim at the Harriet Keilson Early Childhood center are privileged to be taught by distinguished and devoted morahs and rabbeim. The boys of the kindergarten get an extra treat each week when they are taught by the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rav Yaakov Bender. Rav Bender’s demanding schedule in the Yeshiva runs the gamut from high-level shiurim and vaadim in the Mesivta and Kollel to a longstanding fixture on his weekly calendar, when he teaches the second-youngest group of students. Every Thursday, the kindergarten boys gather in a large classroom where he teaches them one letter of the Alef-Beis and a related middah or mitz- vah. Each visit also includes a review of all the previous weeks’ lessons: “Alef is for emes –always tell the truth; never tell a lie!” “Beis is for brachos – we make brachos on everything!” “Gimmel is gemilus chasadim – be kind to everyone!” “Reish is rodef shalom!” “Shin is Shabbos!” For the ultimate lesson at year’s end, “Tav is for Torah,” the lesson becomes a grand celebration, moving from the classroom to the Diamond Beis Medrash. With the help of seventh grade talmidim and musical accompa- niment, the kindergarten boys are able to dance with the Rosh HaYeshiva as they mark their milestone achieve- ment, a siyum on the Alef Beis. For a few moments, the boys are able to hold genuine Sifrei Neviim, enwrapped in velvet in the style of Sifrei Torah, giving the occasion an added dimension – a miniature Simchas Torah. “Our kindergarten boys are truly fortunate to learn from Rabbi Bender each week,” says Dr. Wendy Devorah Gerson, the director of the Harriet Keilson Early Childhood Center. “The morahs teach them about the shapes and sounds of the letters of the Alef-Beis, and the Rosh HaYeshiva takes those lessons to a whole new level. What he teaches are not just catchy rhymes; they are fundamental yesodos of Yiddishkeit that will stay in the boys’ hearts and minds for the rest of their lives.” ! 16 BEDARCHEI HATORAH FALL 5779/2018 The Alef-Beis of Life! ROSH HAYESHIVA’S WEEKLY INTERACTION WITH PRESCHOOLERS INCULCATES THE FUNDAMENTALS