Bedarchei HaTorah No. 41 BDARCHEI_HATORAH_FALL_2018 - Page 13

Makkeh B’Patish The second grade is renowned for its highly successful and exciting 39 Melachos program, wherein the boys are able to experience and experiment with the Melachos of Shabbos via hands-on activities and demonstrations. For the penultimate melacha of Makkeh B’patish, which refers to applying the finishing touches to a product, an authentic blacksmith visited the Yeshiva and showed the boys how metal was fashioned into tools in the olden days. RAV NACHUM DINOWITZ, SECOND GRADE REBBI WITH HIS TALMIDIM AND THE VISITING BLACKSMITH REASON TO REJOICE Rav Yitzchok Spiegel’s seventh grade talmidim celebrated their siyum on the first perek of Maseches Gittin at the Yeshiva together with their parents, who were able to shep well- deserved nachas from their sons’ accomplishments. In Living Color ONE OF THE FIVE BEAUTIFUL MURALS PAINTED BY FIFTH GRADERS BASED ON THEIR RESEARCH OF THE FIVE BIOMES: TROPICAL RAIN FOREST, TEMPERATE FOREST, DESERT, MARINE BIOME, AND GRASSLAND. RIDING FOR A CAUSE Reads Lane is a primary thoroughfare in the residential area of Far Rockaway, but for one Sunday afternoon in June, much of the leafy boulevard was closed to vehicular traffic and transformed into the finale of a weeks- long campaign known as the ‘Bike-a-thon.’ Hundreds of elementary school talmidim rode their bikes for two hours, having been sponsored for the event by relatives and neighbors. The funds were raised for the Yeshiva’s scholarship fund and enabled more talmidim to benefit from the Darchei Torah chinuch experience. All boys who participated were treated to exciting prizes. BEDARCHEI HATORAH FALL 5779/2018 11