Bedarchei HaTorah No. 41 BDARCHEI_HATORAH_FALL_2018 - Page 11

YELED V’YALDA COLLABORATION YIELDS RESULTS One of the new features introduced last year at the Yeshiva is its partnership with Yeled V’Yalda (YVY), which helps many talmidim in a variety of ways. Working together with the Yeshiva’s stellar staff of rabbeim, morahs, teach- ers, principals and social workers, the Yeled V’Yalda representatives have made a supremely positive contribu- tion to the lives of our talmidim. We look forward to continuing our efforts with them this year. 20 students were serviced through the ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) support program. Supports are provided in the classroom, and in stude G>( W226VB&&fW760g&e&RVVBFǐW"W6f&V6W7266w&W2f"66V6Bw&FW'2Gv6RvVV6662w&Wf"6WfV&R&2Gv6RvVVgFW"666660w&W2f"fW'Fw&FW'20'V6RvVVW6rVvB&&F727W'&7VVb7GVFVG2&V6VfR4T@6W'f6W2FR'&WBV6V&ǒ6FB6VFW"reGf6FW2f"6FVV@FWBbVGV6F7W'Bf W"V&ǒ6FB7GVFVG2ॕe7W'G27GVFVG2`vW2vFf&WG`6V6F66@&Vf&6VvW2G2W766'W0&bf6&( 2VvFw&FW'2vW&PG&VFVBF&7F66W"rF&W&ǒ6V6fVvWF&W2f"6V7G2'&`7&V6VV&W"bFRW6f( 0VF'GFWf&BFR767F@F֖7G&F"bFRfB6'W2`FRffRFv2Bf"&6v$TD$4TD$dSss#