Bed & Breakfast News Christmas 2016 (#43) - Page 9

Visit our website: | | 9 ‘Secret 4’ – Quality Service Care for guests - from their first point of contact - to after they leave. The Bullochs welcome single night stays - Carol said that one of their most loyal regular clients had stayed first for a single night. Make guests feel relaxed and at home; treat them as individuals - helping them get the most out their visit. Pay attention to detail - and finally, exceed their expectations! ‘Secret 5’ – Quality Food Food is a big thing at the Dulaig, and that means ‘the best of ingredients in peak condition, freshly prepared and cooked to order’. Carol & Gordon use ‘Home-made, homegrown or locally produced and Scottish’ produce wherever possible. Hot food at The Dulaig is always cooked to order. One guest called their breakfast buffet ‘mind-blowing’. And of course, there is what one guest christened ‘The Dulaig Cake Fairy’! The message is: “Food should not only be well presented, but sometimes surprising and fun”. ‘Secret 6’ – Keep up the Standard Finally, keep up the standard and ‘continuously improve’ – by listening to guest feedback, and by staying up to date with legislation and market developments, e.g. through a trade association. Carol’s final words were . . . “keep up the passion!” It is heartening that great examples like the Dulaig prove that success in the luxury B&B business can be achieved and recognized in a few years by homework, hard work, focus – and passion.