Beating the Drum_Issue 82_2017. Beating the Drum_Issue 82_2017

Issue 82: July | August 2017 New investor takes NMC BEE to 63% black owned The NMC Construction Group is proud to announce Mr Phila Jordan, as the Executive Chairman of NMC Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd. NMC Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd has a 51% stake in NMC (Pty) Ltd and a further majority stake in NMC Plant Hire (Pty) Ltd, a new plant company that owns all plant equipment in the group. The acquisition takes the group’s BEE ownership to 63%, achieving a fully transformed company. “The business is now ideally positioned for a broader strategic approach to focus on Public- Private Partnerships, Engineering Procurement and Construction and Design and Build. Immediate focal points are to ensure profitability and liquidity, engagement with both public and private stakeholders and secure orderbook pipeline.” Phila Jordan, NMC Group Holdings Executive Chairman. “Mr Jordan comes with knowledge and experience in both the private and public sectors. His skill set will add a new dimension and energy to the business on all fronts. His support of the fundamental values of the NMC brand of trust, people growth, discipline and pride is encouraging, enabling us to continue to operate as a company that builds people who build relationships. The acquisition supports and further enhances our shareholding structure, enabling us to improve our supply chain efficiency and presents opportunities to access new markets. New market sectors have already been identified which we believe will increase our market share aligned to the National Development Plan. The new capital investment and investor heralds a turning point for the business and we look forward to even more exciting developments ahead.” Shaun Webber, Managing Director.