Beating the Drum_Issue 76_2016

Issue 76: September 2016 The NMC Construction Group currently has three large concrete structures under construction. These projects based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Gauteng and the Western Cape will jointly utilise over 45 000m³ of concrete. The NMC Construction Groups’ building division’s continual organic growth over recent years has enabled us to accept more projects that require specific skills sets and expertise. This year we are building a number of more complex concrete structures as a consequence of an increase in our capabilities.” Stephen Chambers, NMC Construction Group COO The three level Dube Tradeport basement, once complete, will comprise of a surface bed, two underground basement levels and a podium level all constructed with reinforced concrete slabs. formwork for the slabs on top of the surface beds.” Izak Wessels, Senior Site Manager. “A total of 243 lateral support piles were installed with three levels of anchors installed through these piles. During the piling installation, the bulk excavations started. This was done in extent of a depth of 12 – 14 meters and over 80 000m³ of material was spoiled. The Cresta Gardens Ster Kinekor Phase two project has literally taken the team to a deeper level in construction. The scope of works comprises of demolishing the existing cinema entrance and construction of new underground cinema complex. To date the team has completed the installation of 190 foundation piles, with most of the concrete pile caps being done. Around 60 concrete pad footings still needs to be completed. Working with a live mall environment overhead, the site the team has had to operate with extreme caution to ensure safety of all stakeholders. Existing columns and piles have been excavated and exposed to depths of between 4 - 6 meters and propped to ensure stability. To date more than 15 000m³ of concrete has been used on the project. The remaining works include completing the installation of all 168 columns on top of the pile caps/pad footings as well as the construction of layer works which will allow for the casting of the surface bed. This will then be followed by The KPMG Place structure is fast rising out of the ground already standing 25 meters tall. Valued at R228 million, the 25 level multi-level commercial structure, will soon tower over the Cape Town Foreshore at an impressive 85 meters above ground. The structure comprises of a reinforced concrete lift shaft which runs from the basement level -3 to the 25th floor at a total height of 91.5 meters. A talking point around this construction is the spiralling design of the parking ramp - which many construe as a construction flaw, when in fact the ‘kinks’ in the slab structure play a key role in optimising the parking requirement. Key to the success of this vertical construction is the sequencing of cycle times for the concrete lift shaft and floor slabs. The team is currently achieving a cycle time of 12 days per 4 meter concrete lift on the lift shaft and a 10 day cycle time on the floor slabs.