Beacon Tabs 2018 Down on the Farm - Page 9

THE BEACON 9-B APRIL 4, 2018 Josie Sellers | Beacon Momma and baby spent some quality time together outside at Woodward Performance Hafl ingers. HAFLINGERS:keeps family busy Madison Whitt is pictured providing Magna Wave PEMF (Pulsed Electro – Magnetic Field) therapy serves to one of the Hafl ingers at Woodward Performance Hafl ingers. The therapy helps with a Josie Sellers | Beacon number of things including relieving pain, reducing infl ammation and improving movement. Whitt is a senior at Ridgewood High School who started her own business to provide this type of therapy. FROM PAGE 8 B “We’ve gone to Austria where the world show is every fi ve years and we’ve had clients from California, Canada and Florida,” Jacque said. “Two of the fi llies here will be leaving for Texas.” She added that when show season gets in full swing this summer they will be on the go all the time. Before shows, the horses going to compete are washed and clipped, sup- plies are packed and the Woodwards also wash their vehicles. “Th is weekend I’m taking two fi llies to their fi rst riding show for experi- ence,” Jacque said. In addition to being in the midst of foaling, preparing for a show, and rais- ing a family, Jacque also is nursing back to health a horse she sold to a client seven years ago. “She is 83-years-old and still riding, but called because her horse suff ered an eye injury,” Jacque said. Th e former client did the best she could with her horse, but wasn’t able to get the eye to heal. Jacque took the horse to her vet who discovered the eye had ruptured. She was told the horse could be put down or the eye removed. Jacque opted for the surgery and the 11-year-old horse is now on the mend. “I know someday I’m going to be that 83 year old lady still riding and hope someone will help me if I need it,” she said. For more on the family Hafl inger business, visit hfbhafl If you Josie Sellers | Beacon Josie Sellers | Beacon come out for a visit though be prepared to meet more than just the horses. Johnathan Woodward is pictured with one Johnathan raises Narragansett Turkeys and Ty has Call Ducks. Th ere also Ty Woodward takes a break from helping his of his turkeys in the building he used his own are some cows, chickens, rabbits, cats and dogs that call the property home. mother to show off two of his Call Ducks. money to build for his turkey business. FELLOW FARMERS HELPING OUR FARMING COMMUNITY DR. SARA M. BLISS D.V.M. 488 E. Canal St., Newcomerstown, OH 43832 (330) 663-1935 • 24-Hour Emergency Services Please call for Office Hours & to Schedule Appointments TIMOTHY SPARKS Owner/Operator (330) 691-1345 • SPECIALIZING IN HYDROCREMATION - Emergency 24-Hour Pick Up Service -