Beacon Tabs 2018 Down on the Farm - Page 13

13-B THE BEACON APRIL 4, 2018 FARMER: Life-long farmer remembered FROM 11 B Lou even opened their home to agricultural visitors from other continents. “When I was in 4-H I did a youth exchange program and had gone to Kenya,” Debnar said. “I stayed with diff erent families there. One of them wanted to come to the U.S. and learn how to raise hogs. Mom and Dad got a call one day and he was here and ended up staying for six weeks. At the same time someone had come here from Australia to study hogs and was connected with dad. Th at whole summer was really neat.” Raymond was known for being a good steward of the land. “He got his soil tested, rotated crops, had fi elds tiled and had straight corn rows and clean fence lines,” Debnar said. “If he would have had 20 more years he probably would have ended up getting into all the computers and technology used for farming now. I think he liked the challenge of farming and that it was never the same. He grew up farming with horses and didn’t get his fi rst tractor until 1938. He saw a lot of changes in farming.” Debnar and her husband have some lambs that are connected to her dad. Jim Lawrence is lambing in his barn and Kyle Croft is farming the fi elds. Raymond and another life-long farmer Warren Lapp died three days apart and even their services showed how dedicated they were to farming. “It rained during calling hours for both of them,” Debnar said. “Th ey wouldn’t have wanted anyone to quit farming to have to come to their calling hours.” Josie Sellers | Beacon Pictured is some memorabilia from Raymond Pew’s farming days that his daughter Phyllis Debnar brought back to her house. VALLEY ATV Serving Coshocton & Surrounding Counties Since 1994! HUNTING | FARMING | RANCHING | RIDING | RACING NOW HAS BEEKEEPING SUPPLIES SALES • SERVICE • FACTORY PARTS HARVEST LANE HONEY BACKYARD BEEKEEPING KITS Warsaw 36 5 20 62 514 Hardware 1961 Otsego Ave., Coshocton 740-622-4056 • e-mail: Mon-Fri 8-8, Sat 8-5, Sun 10-4 visit us on the 0004_032917 62 Auer X C Jellow Millwood el hap V VAT ay Rd Mt. Vernon Monday & Wednesday 9 to 7 Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9 to 5 Saturday 9 to 3 | Closed Sunday (40 min. from Coshocton) 27475 Jelloway Rd, Danville 740-599-7977